Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Changes are a coming!!!! =D

So much for the SOM.. haha It is almost over and I didnt lose a single freakin pound!!!! As a matter of fact, I have gained about 7 pounds.. It has been so frustrating dealing with this hypothyroid.. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and he agreed that something else was going on with my thyroid and so he put me back on synthroid and Lasix.. I took the Lasix, thinking it would help flush some water out and Id lose some of this water weight but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I was UP 2 pounds the next day.. It has almost become laughable, if I wasnt CRYING when I see the scale going up even though I am not eating like it should..

SO I am soooo ready for a drastic change.. A change like I did last year.. It cost $600 to do the HCG diet injections last year and I cannot afford that now!! I was so depressed about this whole situation until I saw a friend of mine had tried the homeopathic HCG drops.. Drops.. Wait.. That means I would NOT have to stick a needle in my hiney daily!! NO PAIN!!! Not to mention, the 30 day supply of drops is $75!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! NOT $600!!! My friend lost 44.4 pounds in a month on the drops.. He has now become a walking billboard for the company.. LOL That's ok, last year, I was the walking billboard for the HCG injections.. I would STILL be it, if I hadnt taken that dang antidepressant that threw my body back into hypothyroid.. UGHHHHHHH

So, I decided to bring my husband on board as well.. He did the injections in December and lost about 40 pounds.. He has pretty bad thyroid problems too.. He saw the doctor yesterday actually and he said for sure he has some issues that will be taken care of once we see his thyroid levels are at.. Steve has gained about 20 pounds back because he didnt do the maintenance properly.. He is ready to lose the weight as I am too..

I ordered the HCG drops and they should be here by Wednesday or Thursday.. We will start our Day 1 on Saturday.. So by September 15, I am hoping to be about 20-25 pounds lighter and I am hoping my husband will be about 40-45 pounds lighter.. I felt SO GOOD after I finished that diet.. I will more than likely post daily just to keep a diary of sorts online so just in case someone is going to want to read it for some support and advice.. It really helps.. This diet is no picnic.. But it gets the job done and in the process, you cleanse your body, soul and mind!!


Crystal said...

We should have a walking club after school. I am trying to do a 5k again in early September and have completely gotten out of it with this ankle. I need to get back up quickly! :)

Michelle said...

Thats a great idea Crystal!!! Let me know when you want to do it..