Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well.. I think I hit a stall and so did Steve.. Interestingly enough- I was reading a blog that a girl has been posting on and around day 6-7, she ALSO had a stall.. So I believe that this is around the time your body is starting to adjust to your weight loss NATURALLY and that is what causes the stalls.. It isnt because of what we are eating because I have been almost like a NAZI about all this.. I want this to be a success and I will not give in just because I am a little hungry.. MIND OVER MATTER!!! LOL

Steve and I both hadnt lost but maybe a few ounces from yesterday.. But, when I would weight on my scale, my weight would fluctuate almost 2 pounds so I take that as a sign that tomorrow, I will have a 1-2 pound weight loss.. I havent been going to the bathroom like I should, and I DID today so I am expecting that to help as well.. =P

Hope everyone has an awesome day today.. This is the first day back to school with kids.. I am looking forward to a new schedule and new kids!!

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