Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 15

Wow today sucked royally.. Good thing it is Friday and I am loving my job.. lol I have been SOOOOO HUNGRYYYY today.. I dont understand why except that maybe I am losing weight? I dont know.. But anyway, the scale maybe moved a 1/2 pound today.. Steve lost about 1/2 a pound too.. But, I am sure over the weekend we will have a decent loss.. I have 2 mornings until I record my official weight and inches for the week..

I FINALLY have gotten to drink my grape Kool Aid!! YAYAY!!! I bought some of the Stevia in a bag and made it like Id make regular Kool Aid.. Its pretty good and it made me happy.. lol Sad.. =P Also, Steve and I tried something last night and it was REALLY good.. We cut up an apple and baked it in some cinnamon and some Stevia and it was REALLY good.. I saved it for today at lunch and it was chilled and it was ALMOST as good as it was when it was hot.. I am seeing these small things that we can do once we are off the diet, only I will add SPLENDA instead of Stevia and maybe some spray butter stuff to give it a buttery taste.. Its the small things that are appreciated on this diet.. LOL

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