Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 20

Ok.. I have had my days numbered wrong.. I am really at Day 20.. THANK GOD.. I am technically half way there!! WOOHOOOO!! I had some shrimp tonight for dinner and that was a nice change.. I am saving the steak for Saturday.. I am sooo ready for low carb.. I cant wait to eat my salads!! =D

I was back at my lowest point so far at 14 pounds lost this morning.. And Steve is now down 25 pounds!! Not bad for being halfway there.. I am hoping to lose about 11 more pounds the rest of the time.. Ill be happy with a 25 pound loss!! I am 3 pounds away from where I was at my last injection weight and I am totally pumped about that!!

I am praying for strength to get me through the next 20 days..

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