Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 9

UGH.. I am not a happy camper most the time on this diet.. I am NOW remembering that all too well.. ha.. My husband is the same way.. We both were saying last night we were SOOOO HUNGRYYYYYYYY.. But, it was Friday night.. We were at home..Its a weekend night.. Those nights are supposed to be FUN nights, which means Mexican food, or some kind of outing that includes a restaurant or concession stand food.. Um, we cant even SMELL that kind of food right now.. We didnt go to watch our sons perform at a local pizza place on Thursday because it would have been, pretty much, the WORST form of torture.. It would be evil to expect us to sit at a pizza place and all we can do is SMELL the haunting aroma of all that luscious cheese on that yummy crust.. lol ugh..

My attitude is definitely affecting my subconscious attitude as well..I had ANOTHER dream I was cheating on my diet.. I was eating CHIPS this time.. Weird.. If I am gonna cheat, I am not going to waste my cheat on something stupid like chips or popcorn.. Id waste it on CHOCOLATE.. lol I am sure I will dream that tonight.. lol But whats weird is I wake up and feel GUILTY.. Steve never has dreams like that.. lol Maybe this is how I keep myself in check.. I dont know.. But the whole guilt thing sucks..

As of this morning, I was down 8 pounds since I started the VLCD part of the diet.. Steve was down almost 16 pounds.. Those are NOT bad numbers for 6 days!! I just wish it was 3 weeks LATER.. LOL I am not loving this at all.. I need to embrace it more, like its a journey.. But I am having a hard time.. I am about to be at Day 10, which is supposed to be THE WORST day on this diet.. Once you get past this hump, you are usually ok.. I remember the last time I was on this diet, I was ready to kill someone on Day 10 and even called the nurse.. lol She told me she was the same way.. Its about the time where you start to NOTICE physically the changes this diet is making to your body.. Small changes.. But you start to look better and people are noticing it.. And thats what gives you new life.. So, I am waiting for someone to tell me that next week at school.. HAHA

I also read on the website that if you are experiencing hunger that you should up your dosage you take a little.. We were taking .5 ml drops and it said to go to .6 ml.. So I upped our dosage a little to see if that helps our hunger.. I really feel that our hunger is more behavioral, not actual starvation hunger.. THATS why we gain weight.. The behavioral type of hunger is what gets ya!! Thats the beauty of this diet.. You learn to conquer your behavior over food..


melanie said...

Keep up the good work! I can imagine how hard it is, but you guys are doing great!! Just think...the worst part is about to be behind you both!

Michelle said...

YOU are so right Melanie!!! I have noticed that everytime I write on my blog and it starts out as a complaint, it always ends up positive.. I think blogging this time may actually HELP me.. It is helping me validate my frustrations as well as helping me see that if thats ALL I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT, than Im good.. LOL Thank you sweet friend for all your support!! Love you!!