Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolutions So Far...

Ok.. So I just told you how I am doing in regards to my social resolution.. Now, onto my diet..I actually have been doing quite well with it..Steve started Nutri System this weekend and I have been watching what I am eating..I have walked on my treadmill a total of 138 minutes, or 6.5 miles this week..The soreness from the walking it pitiful though.. Since when do you get sore from WALKING? GEEZ Tylenol PM is now my new best friend!!

The yelling across the house is IMPROVING, but it is hard to stop.. Why get up and have to walk across the house to tell Tyler to clean his room up when my megaphone mouth can yell across the house and get him? LOL Im still working on the financial fitness.. That will take a while.. lol I guess, all in all, things are going ok..I am not a huge fan of January and February..These two months are so miserable to me.. Maybe its the post Christmas excitement let down.. Im not sure.. But I am going to combat the YUCK feeling I get this time every year by walking and trying to eat right.. Im hoping I will look up and March will be here..

Uh-Oh.. That pretty much wrecked my whole " living for the now resolution.. LOL OOOOPS!! I guess I need to sit back and enjoy the crappy, rainy, dark and cold days of January and February.. Oh for joy! LOL I think I might need a little work on that one..

Facebook is the DEVIL!

I tell ya!! Last week, my hubby decided to sign me up for Facebook so he could talk to all his college and high school friends.. lol Thats ok..Because the last year or so, we have been talking to our friends that are on Facebook, using our SONS Facebook pages..It was time to get one for us, I guess..

Anyway, we have spent COUNTLESS hours on it..Looking up people we knew from frickin GRAMMAR SCHOOL and uploading pictures and videos..When does this madness stop??? The other day, a friend of mine, a FACEBOOK NEWBIE, like myself, sent me a message on Facebook..It said " Hi, my name is Beth and I am a Facebook addict".. LOL It is about the truth!! Thats how it feels!

I guess networking on Facebook is helping me keep my resolution to be more social, in a way.. LOL Until I find another reason to justify this addiction, Ill let you know.. Hey, check out my profile on Facebook, if you ever get a chance! LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is SOOO AMAZING I HAD to share!!!

Let me start off by saying that my youngest son got a set of drums for Christmas this year.. A blessing and a curse at the same time LOL.. He has become pretty good at it and can play alot of the song " CRAZY TRAIN" by Ozzy Ozbourne.. If you ever listen to the song and pay attention to the drums, you will see that this is not an easy feat..

During Christmas break, we were at The Guitar Center in Hoover.. We saw this TINY little boy JAMMINGGGGGGG on th drums.. He would go from set to set and tear them up!! He was drawing a small crowd that included me, hubby, my 2 younger sons and 2 of their friends.. This kid was AMAZING!! Turns out , his name is Isaiah Fogle.. He is 10, but he looked like he was about 8.. He has been playing drums since he was 14 months old.. Watch this video.. WOW.. He has a website too.. Enjoy!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Years Resolutions!!

1. To chill out and not take things SO SERIOUSLY!

2. To enjoy the day and not wish my life away! I tend to say " I can't wait til.." waaay too much!! I have found that when I sit back and just take each day in, whether or not its a MAJOR fun day or a vacation, I enjoy life much more!

3. To try to exercise 6 days a week, no excuses! Unless Im lying in bed sick as a dog!

4. To eat healthier and cut out so much FAST FOOD.. Goodbye McDonalds, Taco Bell, Zaxby's, Chick-Fil-A and Fraydo's!!! I will return, but only for short visits!!!

5. I REALLY want to lose enough weight to feel ok in a swimsuit (one piece) and take my kids to the neighborhood pool alot this summer.. I havent been able to do that in YEARS..

6. I want to become FINANCIALLY fit.. Live within my means.. Not "keep up with the Joneses" .. We havent really done this in years.. With the economy the way it is these days, I think alot of people are doing this.. I have pretty much taken that step.. I dont use credit cards and I always pay cash for purchases, even Christmas this year! I want to be able to save enough money to pay cash for my sons to have a car.. Not an easy feat! Im hoping to do this, this year.. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

7. Keep up with my friends.. I dont want to be a disappearing lady anymore!! I want to be more social!! Have more fun!!

8. Last but not least, BLOG.. I can blog when I get frustrated about something or when I need to talk about something in regards to weight loss or reality tv! This is my little way to vent and let things out!

9. Quit yelling!! I yell waaay too much.. Maybe its the Italian in me? Who knows.. I will yell from one end of the house to the other, to get my kids attention.. It really gets on my husbands nerves..

10. Be more supportive in regards to my kids.. I tend to be negative and point out the WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO..Instead, I am going to work on being tolerant.. Especially with my oldest son.. He is an adult now, technically.. Treating him like a child will only make him resent me later..

An Anniversary of Sorts!

I guess you can say that I am celebrating an anniversary this week.. I have been in the blogging world for a year now.. I went back and looked and found my very first post that was dated January 14.. It is amazing how fast time flies!! We have had some major life changes the past year.. Job changes, business starting and ending, kids graduating from high school,middle school and intermediate school, kids starting college, high school and middle school! I guess we all go through changes like this every year..

Blogging really helps you look back and see whats gone on the past year, though.. Its kind of like an online diary of sorts! I have to thank my friend Leigh, who got me started a year ago.. I think I thanked her in my original blog, as well.. Im sad that I dont get to see her anymore, since we closed the store.. But- I still see her regularly when I go to her blog:

I know that I have been off track with my blogging lately.. And I am hoping to get back into the swing of it.. I have currently made a few New Year's resolutions and I will need to blog to help me vent and keep them.. lol Oh and also the simple fact that American Idol and The Biggest Loser are all coming back on!!! WOOHOOOOO!! Baseball season is also among us, so I am sure I'll be blogging a little about my little darlings and their teams!