Monday, May 31, 2010


A wonderful friend of mine recently said on her Facebook status that it was the "Summer of Beth" and I thought "WOW, what an awesome idea?" So, I have declared this, SUMMER OF MICHELLE.. But, what does it mean?

I decided that after the rough school year that I had just had, that it was time for me to be more selfish about ME.. I pretty much had given about all I could give by the month of September, and have been running on empty for a few months already..Usually, by Wednesday, I was SPENT and still had 2 more days to go before the weekend.. It has taken its toll on my health and sanity, for sure!! Last summer, I lost about 35 pounds and felt GREAT!! I kept most of it off until this past March.. All of a sudden, I had gained about 10 pounds back.. And I am not joking.. I weighed almost daily and all of a sudden, the scale was registering 5 pounds more, then 5 more.. Almost overnight!!!

I blame part of it on stress.. My body doesnt react to stress very well.. And watching all of this unfold REALLY has helped me see where my triggers are.. It isnt that I was eating like a pig.. I wasnt eating super healthy but I wasnt eating like there was no tomorrow.. I also wasnt exercising.. Kinda hard to exercise when you come home from work PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY drained and exhausted and THEN you have to go to a baseball game.. LOL Guess whats for dinner?? BALLPARK FOOD!!! haha

My mother's diagnosis of Stage 3C Uterine Cancer didnt help either.. I was so worried about her and then after she had her surgery, I was worried about her going through chemo.. She has done wonderfully but she's my MOM.. I will always worry about her when she's sick.. Much like I will worry about my kids when something is going on with them.. Worry will do you IN!!!

I have decided that I need to stop worrying as much and enjoy life MORE.. Considering my husband calls me DEBBIE DOWNER, I think this will be a good thing.. haha Diet wise, I am going to try to eat more protein and less carbohydrates.. The carbs tend to make me crave MORE carbs.. ESPECIALLY chocolate.. And I am trying to exercise more.. Wait, let me change that.. Exercise PERIOD.. lol

I hope that I can get ME back ASAP.. I miss the ME of last summer.. When I find her, Ill let you know!! ha


Leigh710 said...

Yay!! :) Go for it!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I think as mothers, we just automatically put things first: our family, our jobs, our home/shores....but eventually the scale is tipped in a way that isn't good. You need to make time for yourself. Carve out moments, little ones add up (or cash them in at once like I tend to do). Exeercise, MAKE time for girl time or to read a book, etc. Because when it is all said and done before you were mom, wife,daughter, employee, etc God made Michelle. And don't forget how significant that is. It is to be celebrated, Dont forget the child of God that is Michelle. Make time for Michelle. Always. It's not selfish, its healthy and will keep your MIND healthy. If that happens, the rest will follow.

Michelle said...

So true Leigh- SO TRUE!!!!