Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wow is basically all I can get out right now.. My mother passed away on September 17 at 6:30 am, with my dad holding her hand.. I am so at a loss for words I can barely type this.. I am hurting mentally and physically as well.. I have pain that starts in my neck and wont go away.. I feel it all the way down to my hip on my right side and my right arm as well.. Eventually, I will blog about all that we have been through since we were told on August 17th that mama's cancer had spread to her brain.. For now, I am praying I keep my sanity and not drive my family crazy..

Monday, July 25, 2011


Is it REALLY a revelation? I had to actually look up the definition of what a revelation is.. According to, revelation means: the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure or
something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized. I was kind of perplexed as to if this is a true revelation.. I decided to go with it and say yes.. Even though this is something I have been dealing with for YEARS.. You know what the definition of insanity is? Basically repeating the same mistake over and over thinking you will eventually get it right and never will.. THAT, my friend, is what I have been doing now for years, when it comes to weight loss..

This is where I wondered if this was a revelation because I KNOW what to do.. I have done every damn diet there is.. I have done every workout you can do.. I have tried everything but surgery.. Don't think I haven't considered it.. It's a little pricey.. I have baseball and football spirit packs and baseball and football season tickets and seats to pay for.. Not to mention FEEDING and CLOTHING my family.. I can't afford surgery..

My revelation actually became a revelation when I REALIZED that even though I know what I am supposed to do and I am given all kinds of materials to accomplish my goals, I STILL fall short pretty much every time.. Either that or I succeed and then I shoot myself in the foot later because I lose sight of what I am trying to maintain and get comfortable..

AHHHHHHH... ANOTHER revelation.. COMFORT.. COMFORT ZONE.. Sounds like such a beautiful thing, doesn't it?? Well, it is good to FEEL comfortable with who you are.. That's for sure..Self acceptance is a wonderful idea.. But are we TRULY accepting ourselves or are we SETTLING?? Settling because we are SCARED to travel outside of our COMFORT ZONE? Hmmm... There's a little food for thought.. Pun was intended.. lol

This is where my revelation comes in.. I REALIZED that what is keeping me from attaining a lot of my goals in life, not just weight loss, was my need to fulfill my constant yearning for INSTANT GRATIFICATION.. More to come on this.. This is in its developmental stages still..Stay tuned for sure!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day and I didn't eat one single stinkin piece of chocolate.. Or one brownie.. I DID have steak, but not a huge one and I had strawberries for dessert.. I think the strawberries will be much better once I can add a little whipped cream.. Haha

I am within a pound of what I weighed Sunday.. I am hoping to drop another 3 before I am ready to move on to the 3rd week of maintenance.. As of right now, I am looking forward to eating low carb, which will begin around 6 pm TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! I REALLY wanted a piece of chocolate today so its a good thing I am still on the diet.. Haha

Anyway, I hope my attitude and hunger now chill out.. I have been more miserable this round than before.. For sure the next round will only be 23 days..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 30

Well here we are at Day 30.. I have lost a total of 18 pounds.. Steve has lost almost 37 pounds.. And we have decided to stop the drops as of last night.. We have to be off the drops for 72 hours and then we can start eating low carb!!!! This has been the most miserable month BUT, it went by pretty quickly.. I have definitely decided that from now on, I will only be doing 23 day rounds.. I tend to stall out and it just makes me miserable..

This last time I had a lot of issues with being sore all the time.. My body would just ache, especially after a day at work.. This past Friday evening I was so sore I was miserable.. All I wanted to do was sit in my chair and not move.. I have also been a lot hungrier this time.. I don't know why.. I am going to make more of an effort to stay away from the trigger foods that cause weight gain.. I am trying to redo my thinking, when it comes to eating.. Every one has different metabolisms and food affects them differently.. I know that potatoes and bread are NOT good for me and that I need to eat them SPARINGLY..

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Less than 2 weeks left!!!!

I have sooooo been in such a horrible mood lately that blogging about this diet is the LAST thing I have wanted to be doing.. This week was AWFUL for Steve and me.. I gained and lost the same 2 pounds all week.. Not a good thing when ALL you are eating is 500 calories a day.. It just makes ME develop a horrible attitude..

Steve was also teetering between 5 pounds all week.. He broke through it and has now lost 31 pounds total.. I am at about 14-15, depending on how my body feels like acting.. For some reason, I hold onto water all the time.. I know its probably hormonal and all but it is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I hope this week will be a little more forgiving.. We have less than 2 weeks left on the diet and I am looking forward to eating low carb!!!!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 18

Whoa.. All I gotta say.. I am miserable.. I am sick of this diet.. Its becoming too expensive for two people to do it.. Strawberries are NOT in season.. I'm so sick of chicken.. I want some salad with some dressing for a change!!!!!!

Steve has lost 27 pounds so far.. I am teetering between 11 and 12.. NOT good for me..Steve is doing great this round.. I REALLY want to get 10 more pounds off and I am not sure it will happen because I'm not dropping fast enough.. We will probably stop the hcg 2 weeks from today..I can't take much more of this.. LOL

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not doing such a great job keeping this blog updated this round!!!! I have been so tired.. This week was our first full, 5 day work week since the last week before we got out for Christmas break.. I swear it felt like this week was about 10 days long!!!!!

As for the hcg diet, I have hit my stall.. What's new???? LOL I am STUCK teetering between 8-9 pound weight loss.. Been here now for about 3 days.. I hope to bust this plateau this weekend.. Steve is pushing 22 pounds lost.. He is doing awesome!!!! I am going to try to rest up this weekend and get some things done around here.. Only 6 weeks until Spring Break!!! Haha

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7-8

Well, once again I didn't post.. Sorry!!! Haha I am a little bit overwhelmed and tired when school is in session.. Add this diet and I am exhausted!!!! I am absolutely beat this afternoon!!! It doesn't help that today was a completely rainy, cold and dreary day, either!!!! And you wonder why I get into a funk this time EVERY YEAR??? :p
Let's just say: the rain ain't helping any!!!

So anyway, here are the OFFICIAL totals for week one of VLCD: me- down 8 pounds.. Steve- down 19.6!!!! We are now at DAY 10 on the hcg diet and this is supposed to be the WORST day.. I'm feeling it!!! Haha!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.. I hope to lose about 12-15 more pounds!!!!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 5-6

I got a little behind on posting the past few days.. I sometimes need to take a break from the computer so I did.. =D Anyway, nothing much new.. I am down 7 pounds as of right now and Steve is down 18.6.. Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL WEEKLY WEIGH IN and I will post my "official results" then..

I have been a little hungry but not too bad.. I think it is more attitude than anything.. Like for instance, last night, Todd had alot of friends over.. I made popcorn for the kids.. I had pretty much already eaten all my food for the day.. It SUCKED.. So, I made some coffee.. Steve and I sipped our coffee and played Scrabble like OLD FOLKS.. haha Atleast I wasnt dying too much.. I am looking forward to when I CAN have some type of snack when everyone else is eating it..

We did have some steak yesterday and that was VERY YUMMY.. Filet Mignon is SOOO GOOD.. It is very lean and tastes better than any other steak cut around, IMO.. It is so tender!! I am hoping to drop another pound by tomorrow.. That will put me 2 pounds away from my original HCG injection diet weight from 2 years ago.. I am very excited about this because I am only a WEEK into this diet.. I will be ATLEAST 14 or so pounds more before this is all over.. Granted, this is my third round, I am atleast not ending at the same weight everytime.. It seems I start about 10 pounds lighter each round.. So, there MUST be some good in this!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4

Geez, is it just day 4? Feels more like 40!!!! Haha I guess when you are already not feeling the greatest, dieting isn't helping much.. Atleast I am eating stuff that's super healthy and full of vitamins!!!!

I am voraciously hungry tonight, as is Steve.. I am hoping to wake up to a loss tomorrow.. I am still at 5 pounds.. Steve is over 13.. I'd much rather lose it like this than to lose 9 pounds in 4 days and not lose anymore for a week.. I'm going to go to sleep before I eat something!!! Ha

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

I STILL feel BLAH.. Yuck.. I have that itch in my throat.. I am coughing a little more too.. I am going to be PISSED if this turns into walking pneumonia.. Other than that, I am down 5 pounds from Monday afternoon.. Steve is down 12.8 from Monday am!! WOW..

I am still a little hungry, but not starving.. Come on now.. It wouldnt be a diet unless there was a LITTLE hunger ya know? Its amazing how you can sustain on 500 calories a day!! I am hoping for this month to go by quickly.. HA

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2

Ugh.. That pretty much sums up how I feel today.. I have been fighting this sinus/throat issue now since the week before Christmas.. So basically for a month now I have been stopped up.. This morning, the day AFTER I started the VLCD part of this diet, I wake up and I feel like it has moved to my chest.. I have felt sick all day..I am not running a fever so I am wondering if I wasn't doing this diet, would I feel this awful? Not because of the diet but because I am basically cleansing my body and purging it of all the fat, sugar and sodas? I still have coffee but I'm not drinking Diet Mtn Dew..

Of course, my chest cold has nothing to do with detoxing my body.. BUT, maybe it does to an extent.. I have always wondered if I have a gluten intolerance.. When I start eating larger amounts of gluten in my diet, I notice my nose stops up.. I always feel awesome on this diet after the initial few days.. I actually feel best while doing the atkins part of the maintenance phase.. I wish I could stick with it after.. Maybe I should just adapt to the low carb way of eating.. Of course, I say this and in a year, ill be doing this again.. LOL

Hunger-wise, today was better because I was so busy.. Staying busy definitely keeps me from thinking about the small amount that I'm eating everyday.. LOL 30 some-odd days isn't THAT long.. Seriously.. By the time I'm off the diet, March will almost be here!!!! And ill hopefully be 25 pounds lighter!!!! YAY!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1!!!

I am calling this Day one of the diet because the past two days have been nothing but gorging.. I struggled last night, BIG TIME, with nausea.. I am not a throw-upper, so we KNOW its BAD when I was WANTING to throw up because I was so miserable.. Yuck..

I was TOTALLY dreading the weigh in part this morning.. I decided to take my measurements first.. LOL I was up a little from my last measurement but not much.. I FINALLY got on the scale and was really pleasantly surprised.. I was only up 3.8 pounds from January 3rd.. Up about 10 pounds from my last hcg diet ending weight..I'm feeling pretty good about that, especially after the gorge.. YIKES..

I feel like I am hungover.. Amazing how eating in total excess makes you feel as crappy as drinking in excess.. My body will probably go into shock today since I'm not filling it with coke, chocolate and CRAP.. Ha

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tomorrow Starts Day 1 of VLCD!

As I type this I am VERY miserably full from the gorge days of this diet.. I always think I will love it because I eat whatever I want and in large amounts.. I would NEVER eat like this on a daily basis!!! Wow.. I'd be miserable 24-7 if I did.. SLEEPING was even uncomfortable!!! Of course, after a week of 500 calories a day, I'm going to be wishing I was gorging again.. HAHA!!! Never satisfied!!! Oh well.. Ill try to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow, its ON!!!!

First post using my Blackberry!!!

This is a test.. Haha Hopefully it will work out and I can blog from my BlackBerry!!! It will make posting more convenient!!! Wish me luck!!! If you are seeing this message, it means it worked!!! :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes, that describes me to a T.. I am a patiently impatient person.. I WANT to be patient.. But I am not.. lol I guess you could say I am a optimistic pessimist of sorts.. I am SO READY to start this freakin diet.. I am TOLD by people at work that I dont look bigger.. But thats because I am wearing BLACK.. HA My pants are tighter and I feel YUCKY..

The saying " you are what you eat" serves in this purpose.. I feel like CRAP right now.. I am going to scream if I don't get this diet on with.. LOL Atleast we know I am in the right frame of mind to do it! You have to be with the HCG diet.. No halfsies.. You have to be ALL IN.. Like Auburn Family.. LOL BTW, congratulations to all my Auburn friends!! Awesome game!!

I guess I will end this post today.. It isnt much, but atleast I am not ignoring my blog.. :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Typical Michelle HA

Well, in my typical ADD-Michelle fashion, I didnt post on my blog again for 4 months.. I know you are SO SURPRISED.. =D So, I decided it is time for me to start purging, um BLOGGING.. I knew I would probably not post again after I posted last.. But I was hoping I would.. Blogging isnt as easy as it appears.. If you are busy, like I am, it is hard.. I found out I can blog from my BlackBerry so that makes it easier.. I always feel better when I blog.. Especially when I am dieting.. I also like to post my opinions on the latest reality show I am into..Hence this blog name " Weight Loss and Reality TV?"...

I guess those 2 things totally rule my world.. I am either losing or gaining.. RARELY am I maintaining.. I did a great job maintaining my weight after the last round on the HCG diet until Christmas season.. Ill admit, I ate TONS of CRAP that I shouldnt.. MOST people do during that time.. And, as it always happens, I am having a hard time returning to healthy eating ways.. I have decided I am going to start another round of the HCG diet.. I have come to realize that I ENJOY the pain and agony I go through.. =D In all seriousness, I am really not THAT miserable.. I just dont suffer in silence.. Ask my mother, she will tell you.. " Michelle, you NEVER suffer in silence"

I am going to order the hcg drops this week and start them when they get here.. I guess what prompted me to do this was the diet challenge at my work.. I got on the scale yesterday and I am up like 8 pounds, which isnt THAT bad, but I dont want it to get out of hand like it did last time.. I was up like 20 pounds before I got back on the HCG regime.. I dont want to get that far out, that way, I can lose down to a smaller weight..

Also, Steve had some blood work come back and it wasnt that great of a report.. The diet itself on the HCG diet is very strict yet, you get what you need.. He needs this diet too.. He hates it as much as I do, if not more, but there is something to be said for being able to CONTROL what you take in and lose about 4-7 pounds a week.. My friend Britney has lost 11 pounds in a week.. She is doing AWESOME.. THAT alone is reason enough for me to do this diet!!

So, I will, ONCE AGAIN, be blogging on the journey and will also be blogging about our lives and REALITY TV.. IM BAAACCCKK!! =P