Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 23

Well last night, I swear, I was absolutely FAMISHED it seemed.. Seriously.. Like Ethiopian feeling.. I know I wasnt.. I have been eating ONLY 500 calories but they are all GOOD calories and fufilling and sufficient in my needs.. They may lack a little, somewhat, but it is ONLY for a little under 6 weeks.. Seriously..As a matter of fact, I have seen some studies where it is BETTER to eat LESS than what is required daily.. Your health is better off in the long run.. Whoever did that study was PROBABLY SKINNY and one of those stress NON-eaters.. LOL You know those kind, the ones that eat NOTHING when they get stressed and lose like 30 pounds during stressful times of their lives.. UGH.. I am quite the opposite.. When I went through a divorce back in 1998, I felt like I was the ONLY person in the world that GAINED 30 pounds.. LOL I guess stress=chocolate in my mind..=D

Speaking of stress, I am not going to say I am under stressful conditions in the least..I LOVE my job this year COMPLETELY.. I LOVE what I am doing!! But, school starting has definitely put me in a different mind set than what I was in during the summer.. I wished I had found these HCG drops at the beginning of the summer.. haha I will say, I STAY BUSY during the day and really dont have time to THINK about how hungry I am until I get home..And BY THEN, I am eating my dinner and then I take a LONG BATH to soothe my body and my mind and then its time for bed.. So, maybe being busy all day is a plus.. But then I sometimes think that the business makes me HUNGRIER? haha

As for the HUNGER I was feeling last night, I truly think it was not physical hunger.. It was ALL MENTAL.. I just am sick and tired of eating 5 things.. lol Chicken, strawberries, melba toast, apples, and some kind of veggie: either cucumbers or tomatoes.. I cant stomach lettuce anymore.. Ill be ok when I can eat salads again- with REAL DRESSING!! As a matter of fact, this time, 3 weeks from now, I will be totally LOVING it!! =D And I am sooooo looking forward to eating some freakin peanut butter!! It sounds sooo decadent right now.. lol Pitiful, I know..

I usually have to just muddle through the mental side of this diet.. Most people want to have INSTANT GRATIFICATION.. This diet usually delivers it daily.. Until you hit a plateau.. THEN you have INSTANT IRRITATION.. lol Then you hit through the plateau and AHHHHHH!! You have MORE INSTANT GRATIFICATION.. THEN, you hit ANOTHER plateau and so on and so on.. Unless you are a MAN.. lol Although, my husband has been dealing with a few stalls.. But, he also has some thyroid problems.. MOST MEN just lose continuously..

I have to remind myself that every time I stall, it is because my body is adjusting to the weight loss.. But, the stalls are more often this time.. Probably because my starting weight was about 15 pounds less than it was the last time.. I am a lot closer to my last injection weight from the last time I did this diet.. I am about 2.5 pounds from it right now and I am only on Day 23.. I am soo wanting to get that extra 10-15 pounds off past that last injection weight from last time.. I know the closer you get to your goal weight, its always harder to lose..

Im going to close todays entry with our latest numbers.. I am actually up a half pound from yesterday.. UGH.. And Steve is DOWN 2 pounds.. His weight loss is almost at 28 pounds now!! I am praying mine will be down 16 TOMORROW when I do my "Official Weekly Weigh In and Inches Lost" post.. Until then, I am trying to STAY POSITIVE!!

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