Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 24

Today I woke up FEELING slimmer.. I was a tiny bit.. My numbers arent the best this week.. I guess it was a TRANSITIONAL week for my body.. Weeks like this make this diet HORRIBLE.. LOL As for my hubby, his was pretty fantastic, although he doesnt see it that way.. On the BRIGHT SIDE of all of this, I am now within under 2 pounds of my last injection weight from my first round of HCG..So, I am VERY HAPPY about that!! Thats a small, mini milestone, once I cross it!! My next one will be to be 10 pounds less than that..

I am wondering if I will run out of drops before the end of my 40 days? I really dont want to buy any more than I have to.. I will have to re-evaluate this issue by the end of this week to see where we are with our drops.. I really wouldnt be too upset if I ran out early.. LOL

ONCE AGAIN, I had ANOTHER FREAKIN DREAM that I CHEATED on my diet last night.. Not once, BUT TWICE!! I remember in my dream, I was carelessly popping things in my mouth that I wasnt supposed to.. The most memorable was a piece of a peanutty, caramelly clustery thingie... I popped it in my mouth in my dream ( God knows where it came from.. lol) and I realized it and I started spitting it out like Tom Hanks spit out the Beluga in the movie " BIG".. LOL Then I washed my mouth out with water.. GOOD LORD it was SO REAL.. And I remember also thinking " What the heck, you KNOW better than that!! STOP" LOL I just love guilt laden dreams.. SO SPECIAL.. LOL

Im going to close this with my dismal numbers and Steve's GLORIOUS numbers.. lol Me- lost -16 pounds so far, - 13.5 inches.. Steve- lost 28 pounds.. Maybe this week, my body will jump back into weight loss and I will break the last injection weight barrier!! Pray for me!! LOL

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