Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 11

And it starts!!! The GREAT PLATEAU!! UGH.. I am sure I will be in a holding pattern MOST this week.. I did this last time I did this diet too.. Heck, I do it pretty much EVERYTIME I do a diet.. So this is nothing new.. It doesnt mean I have to LIKE

This I DO KNOW: I am so sick of water!! I started drinking something yesterday that I NEVER drink.. TEA.. You can have it in unlimited amounts sweetened only with Stevia.. So thats it.. I am drinking that.. I am just sick of blah blah blah water.. If I could make some Crystal Light, that would be another story.. But it isnt made with STEVIA( Said using my extremely annoying sounding little sister voice that likes to irritate the older brother).. SO, I have learned to like TEA.. It tastes pretty decent..

I did make something yesterday that was really good.. It was basically 10 strawberries with Stevia, water and ice.. I made a smoothie..It was good.. Probably because ANYTHING will taste good right now.. haha But I almost felt guilty because I was SO FULL from all the water and ice in it.. HAHA Thank God for SMALL MIRACLES!! =D

Daily totals: Steve and I are both at a stand still.. Will get back to you tomorrow, hoping it will break.. =D Now, Im off to watch these stupid singles on Bachelor Pad stuff themselves with pie.. YUM.. lol

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Dr Eric Berg said...

Congratulations on keeping up with your goal to reach a healthy body. Keep it up.