Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 21

Oh THANK THE LORD!! I have LESS days left than the number of days that I have been on this diet!! YAY!! lol Sorry, I had to just let that out!! I got up this morning and was still holding steadfast to that 14 pound weight loss.. Not bad for 3 weeks but I havent lost a pound since Sunday, basically.. I was fluctuating between 13 and 14 pound loss all week.. My body does that when it is trying to renegotiate itself after a loss.. This afternoon , when I got home from school, I was almost a pound lighter!! I hope in the am it will be 2 pounds.. LOL =P

Steve got up this morning and was 2 pounds lighter, bringing his total to 25 pounds so far.. He is getting so sick of this diet too.. And football season is right around the corner.. He is sooo ready to be able to atleast eat the Atkins low carb fare.. You can eat wings on low carb and I am guaranteeing that will be his food of choice.. HAHA

I hope tomorrow I can share some good weight loss news with you all!! If not, Im sure Ill be whining about it =D

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