Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 18

UGHHHHHHHHHHH is all I can say.. I was UP a pound this morning when I got up and so was Steve.. Talk about freakin annoying!! What is MOST annoying is we are STARVING right now.. lol Not really starving as in hungry.. I am just pissy because I want to eat low carb now.. When I am up a pound and Im miserable like this, it really makes me angry.. As it does to my husband too.. We figure it is the "apple pie" thingie we have been eating thats contributed to this stupid stall.. I guess we cant even eat THAT.. Geez.. taking away ALL the joys I guess.. lol

This afternoon when I got home from school, I was back down to the weight I was the day before.. I didnt ask Steve because he was napping.. But the last time I did this diet, I would have a semi stall like this, and actually GAIN a pound or so and then drop like 3 pounds in a day or so.. I just want to average 4 pound loss every week.. Im NOT asking for much!!!!

I read where a girl on the HCG diet cheated on her diet on this Facebook support page I frequent.. I dont get it.. I dont understand why someone would cheat while they are on this diet.. And dont tell me its called FOOD ADDICTION.. I think its called no self control? I would LOVE to dig into some mac and cheese or pizza.. Thing is, I will undo all the good I have done on top of messing up my resolve.. SO, I choose NOT to cheat.. Anyway, I cheat in my dreams, apparently, I have enough guilt from that.. I dont need MORE.. haha I guess my days of cutting my nose off to spite my face have dwindled.. I only do that OCCASIONALLY now.. =P

I am going to try to be strong and I am going to stick with this but I am SICK OF IT.. Only 21 more days to go!!! HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY lol

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