Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 16

Its sad when on a Friday night, you are in bed at 9:30.. And thats EXACTLY what Steve and I did last night!! I assure you it was because we were in bed because we were hungry.. haha.. We just went ahead and went to sleep because we were afraid we'd eat something.. No. Really..

This morning, we had both lost a pound or so.. Tomorrow I will have my totals for the week for both of us.. I am pretty happy with the weight loss so far.. Its been steady enough that I dont want to quit..

Today, Steve and I were so busy with the yard that we didnt eat lunch.. The heat makes me not hungry.. So around 3, I decided to go get some filet mignon for us and we "splurged" and had that.. It is included in our diet so I wasnt cheating.. Although it was so scrumptious I felt like I was.. KINDA.. lol

We are almost at the halfway point.. YAY!!

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