Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 13

Its a MIRACLE!!!!!! I dropped TWO pounds today!!! My loss is now at 12 pounds..I was so excited!!! It made my morning when I saw the one pound loss and when I got home I saw another pound off. And it all happened at the right time too.. I got home and my oldest son started working last week at a local pizza place and he brought home for lunch leftover pizza and cinnamon bread sticks.. He is EVIL...I walked in and saw it and announced, "I am going to go weigh myself before I eat that!!" LOL

I have come to one conclusion today.. I..HATE..LETTUCE when I cant put a REAL dressing on it!! It is just plain NASTY.. I might as well be eating PAPER but Im sure thats not ALLOWED on this diet.. I HATE this restriction and LOVE it at the same time.. Some kid was trying to sell me a Boston Butt for a fundraiser and I said "Sorry, I cant eat that" LOL Now I see where my son gets his EVILness from =P

I look forward to the atkins low carb part of this diet because thats the BEST.. I LOVE all the salads with the yummy dressings and the eggs and the cheese.. LOL Until then, Ill eat my rabbit food.. Atleast the great plateau disintegrated for now!! Im sure it will be back NEXT WEEK.. Atleast I know what to expect!! =D

My husband has lost about 19 pounds.. He is at a small stall for now.. He will pick back up soon too.. I told him its nothing to sneeze at losing almost 18 pounds in a WEEK.. Your body has GOT to adjust.. Annoying as it seems!!

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