Sunday, August 15, 2010

DAY 10

Well, here we are.. On what is supposed to be THE WORST day of the diet.. This is the day MOST people hit a wall.. And question "why am I torturing myself like this?" LOL.. I can speak from experience this happens.. Maybe not Day 10.. But for most it is Day 10.. It may be Day 11 or Day 12 for some.. But that day DOES happen.. What you need to do is make sure you have SUPPORT.. If you dont, you will LOSE YOUR MIND..

The "Honeymoon Phase" is over.. You STILL have about 30 days left on this diet and it is soooooooooooo B-O-R-I-N-G!! This is when you have to become CREATIVE.. I know, just how creative can you become with chicken, especially since you cant use any fat or sugar or any kind of "sauce" that MAKES it yummy.. You CAN add some steak, but you have to be VERY CAREFUL to get VERY LEAN steak, or your weight loss WILL stall.. You can also add some shrimp or crab.. Just be sparing with it because if eaten too often, it will also cause a stall.. Chicken is your friend.. YUCK.. lol

I am pretty impressed with this thought though: I can have STRAWBERRIES!!! We can have 6-10 strawberries, 2 times a day, if wanted.. SO, I have been cutting them up and putting some Stevia on then.. I feel very indulgent when I eat them so thats a good thing.. Just wish it was MORE.. haha.. Also: I can have CUCUMBERS!!! I forgot how good these little things can be, especially when I put some white vinegar on them and some garlic salt and let them SIT for a while.. Cucumbers are almost all water anyway.. They fill you up!!! Last night for dinner, I had 2 small cucumbers with vinegar and a pc of chicken and I actually felt full for a whole 5 minutes.. LOL

Here is the GRAND TOTAL for Week ONE..
Me- 10 pounds lost, 6.5 inches gone
Steve- 18 pounds lost.. He isnt doing inches because he is a MAN.. lol

Hopefully, I will get over this hump and become acclimated to this way of eating because it sure as heck will make it easier to live with!! Steve is already saying he isnt sure he will be able to make it 40 days.. I am hoping we both will!!

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