Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5...

I went to bed last night with an attitude.. LOL Last time I did this diet, I drank Diet Mountain Dew and drank Sugar Free Kool Aid and Crystal Light.. I found out later that those were ALL no-no's.. All you can drink on this diet is water, BLACK coffee and unsweetened tea.. And the ONLY sweeteners that are allowed are either Stevia or Sweet N Low.. YUCK.. lol So anyway, last night I was D-Y-I-N-G for some grape sugar free Kool-Aid.. And I didnt get it either.. I am NOT going to do anything that I am not supposed to this time!!!

This morning when I got up, I was down another pound.. Which made my misery worth it, I guess.. ugh.. I had a school wide meeting I had to attend and THEN everyone wanted to go to lunch at a local BBQ place.. I was NOT a happy camper and wanted them to drop me off at my car but it would have been out of the way so I went along.. And sat there and SIPPED my water with lemon and NASTY Sweet N Low.. lol But it wasnt too bad.. I really didnt want anything my co workers were eating anyway.. I find on this diet, I dont crave foods.. I crave TASTES.. Like I want my coffee to have that creamy, semi sweet taste, I also want my drinks to be sweet and flavored.. They can be sweet via sweetners, I dont care.. But they have to taste sweet.. Like Sugar Free Kool Aid.. THAT is my main gripe while on this diet..

I decided to take a 1/2 day today and came home right after my torture at the BBQ place.. I weighed myself when I got home and I was down ANOTHER POUND!! WOOHOOOOO!! Weighing myself is how I deal with not being allowed to have what everyone else is having, I guess.. So now, Day 5, I am down 6 pounds!!! I know eventually, this will taper off a bit but I dont expect it to stall like it did the last time because I am not drinking carbonated drinks or drinking anything with artificial sweeteners, unless its stupid Stevia or yucky Sweet N Low.. lol BLECHY!!!

A side added note today: my husband has also been doing this diet and he has now lost almost 10 pounds in 5 days, himself..He is miserable on this diet too.. He HATES the "boringness" of this diet.. But, it is probably the fastest way to drop pounds and to reshape your body, especially at our age.. I am hoping to drop a total of 25 pounds or so and I am hoping Steve can drop 50.. In 40 days of this diet, as long as we dont fudge any, I think thats attainable.. =D

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Teresa said...

DIYHGC.com has a grape flavored Stevia... maybe with a little blue food coloring it'll be enough like your sugar-free grape kool-aid to get you through the next 30 days!