Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 14

Today was not really exciting although I actually started feeling thinner.. Its a weird feeling.. But I was FEELING it.. I LIKED it!! My Husband was wearing a smaller tshirt that we bought him a few months ago but was too small.. So THATS a good little milestone for him.. I am on my second day of pretty much REFUSING to eat the vegetable portion of my meals because I cannot stomach the thought of putting another piece of lettuce in my mouth unless it has REAL DRESSING on it!! I am extremely picky anyway when it comes to veggies and the limited portions dont help.. I get sick very easily of pretty much all of them, except for broccoli.. And of course, THATS not on this diet.. lol

This morning I was definitely holding steady with my 2 pound weight loss and this afternoon I may have dropped another 1/2 pound or so.. Steve has dropped close to 21 pounds now too!! Only 26 more days to go!! UGH!! Sounds like an eternity!! =D I wont be saying that when it is over.. I will be happy because I have lost my weight!! But until then, I will shut up.. haha

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