Thursday, August 5, 2010

ok.. This is the gyst of the HCG diet...PART ONE

For those who are truly interested in this phenomenon, I will enlighten you.. =P The theory behind the HCG diet is that if you take HCG in small doses, it will stimulate your hypothalamus to help burn abnormal fat stores.. One might ask what are abnormal fat stores? An abnormal fat store is fat thats located in areas that NEVER move, no matter how much you diet or exercise.. It is that STUBBORN kind that only drastic starvation methods can remove.. And when I say DRASTIC STARVATION, I mean like in a time of famine.. Like Ethiopia.. You know, that area you look at and say " If only.. blah blah blah.. "

According to the doctor that found this phenomenon, Dr. Simeon, you can get rid of these abnormal fat stores if you follow the strict diet of 500 calories a day AND take the HCG doses as directed..It sounds fishy right? Well, I am here to say that it DOES work.. I was introduced to it last year by my thyroid doctor.. He suggested it, after all these years that he has been watching me fail at losing weight.. Especially with a thyroid condition.. He informed me that the HCG diet can help "reset" your hypothalamus to where it was before your body gets so out of whack from all the years of dieting and thyroid problems..

At first, I scoffed at the notion of living on 500 calories a day, only to be rewarded by taking a daily INJECTION in my butt.. I thought there is NO WAY I am going to put myself through that kind of torture for 40 days.. He is NUTS!!! lol I went on with my daily life for a few more months until I finally had just had ENOUGH and felt like I NEEDED a change.. I revisited my doc again and THIS TIME, I spoke with his nurse.. She told me that she had secretly done the diet a year ago!! I had noticed lately that she looked like one of the HOT MOMS( her son plays baseball on my son's team, so I know her OUTSIDE of the doc's office).. She had this really great glow about her.. She was already thin, in my opinion.. She was probably a size 8 or 10 at the MOST a year ago.. She told me she was wearing like size 3 and 5 now.. I thought she looked like a teenager.. LOL

THAT was enough to make me decide to try it..I decided to "take one for the team (or family)" so two weeks later, I was in full swing on the diet.. AND the injections.. UGH.. THAT was the ONE THING I HATED.. I dont like giving or receiving the injections.. PERIOD..My husband would give me the shot.. He did a really great job, it RARELY hurt.. So I became very aware of what was going into my mouth and how great I actually felt sustaining life on 500 calories a day for 40 days..

This is how you do the diet: For the first 2 days, you GORGE.. And when I say GORGE, I mean eat A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G thats high in fat, carbs and sugar.. For us people that ALREADY have a thyroid problem, all we have to do is LOOK at bread and it IMMEDIATELY turns to FAT.. This was the fun part of the "diet".. I almost thought it was a joke when I first read it.. UNBELIEVABLE was what I was thinking, actually.. I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER been on a diet that TELLS you to eat like a horse.. Eat all the fat you want!! Go ahead!! You like donuts?? Eat em.. Eat a whole dozen.. We dont care.. Just eat eat eat.. Here, have some M&Ms.. Bread and butter, the more the better.. EAT YOUR CHIPS!!! PLEASE pass the PIZZAAAA!!! Oh, and DONT FORGET to wash it all down with an ICE COLD Coca-Cola!! lol

I think you get the point.. You gorge for the first two days.. lol To be honest, by the end of the second day, I felt so NASTY and FULL that I actually welcomed hunger.. And THAT petrified me a little.. All my life, I had been told do NOT ever eat below 1000 calories or your body will go into STARVATION mode and your metabolism will slow down and you will NOT lose weight.. So I was a little nervous about this part.. But, I had already eaten EVERYTHING in Helena, and part of Hoover and Pelham as well so I was kind of STUCK.. haha According to the Simeons protocol, the HCG is the ONLY REASON your body doesnt go into starvation mode.. The HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to burn fat, instead of sugar and muscle.. This way, you burn off those pesky abnormal fat stores that drive you nuts and you pretty much keep your muscle tone and you feel like you have energy because you still have the glucose stores that provide the energy..I will continue this diet in Part Two..

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