Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 26

WHEW!! LONG day!!! This has been a long week so far and its ONLY Tuesday.. haha Thank God its HUMP DAY tomorrow!! Thursday will be my baby's first home football game of his 8th grade season at Helena Middle School and Friday will be the first home game for the high school.. Thursday's game of Todd's happens to coincide with South Carolina's first game of the season.. Steve told Todd that he loved him and all but South Carolina is playing so he will be missing it..Todd TOTALLY understood.. LOL

The issue is how will I make it through all the TAILGATING fare? UGH.. It will be MUCH BETTER when I can eat Atkins, for sure!! Only a few more days!! This Friday, they are having a tailgating theme at HMS for the faculty and staff but I will be ignoring it.. lol

Today I reached my first milestone with this diet- I am NOW at the same weight I was after my last injection when I did the HCG injections last summer!!! I still want to drop about 10 more.. There is something about hitting that point where you feel almost energized.. Its almost like Im good now and everything else is just GRAVY.. lol We will see how I feel this weekend.. haha Im sure that will change.. =P

Steve was up two-tenths of a pound this morning.. I am sure he will drop it plus two tomorrow.. lol

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