Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 8

Looks like I have HIT MY WALL.. I loathe this.. I really do.. THIS is what makes me nuts.. Steve hit his wall yesterday but is now, once again, losing.. He lost 2 pounds last night and is now down almost 15 pounds.. Yesterday, after school, I was down 2 pounds from that morning, which brought me to 9 pounds lost.. This am, I was up those 2 pounds again.. UGH.. So I am stuck at 7.. But to be honest, in basically 5 days of dieting, a loss of 7 pounds is nothing to turn your nose up at.. So, I need to stop being so negative.. :P

I started my full time back to work day schedule yesterday so maybe my body was reacting to that stress? My body reacts crazy anyway to stress.. ONE REASON I gained some of the weight back that I had gained.. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION sucks.. lol Anyway, I did have one of those "stress diet dreams" last night.. I usually do that when I am VERY SERIOUS about a diet, but become frustrated.. I dreamt that I CHEATED on my diet and ate POPCORN.. Not just ANY popcorn but the kind of popcorn you get at the THEATER.. LOADED with "golden flavored topping" LOL.. That whole "golden flavored topping" thing kind of bothers me.. What the heck does GOLDEN taste like? I dont know but it tastes like HEAVEN on popcorn when you go to the movies.. LOL

I felt VERY GUILTY in my dream AND when I woke up.. Maybe THATS why I didnt lose any weight? LOL You know the whole " I just LOOK at cake and gain 10 pounds" saying..haha Seriously though, I do recall the last time I was on this diet, I hit near the 10 day mark and thats when my body started adjusting to the weight loss and it would regroup.. I would even GAIN a few pounds and then Id lose them plus another 2 pounds.. It just sucks when you want that INSTANT GRATIFICATION.. I only need to drop 9 more pounds to be where I was when I lost all my weight last time I did the HCG diet.. BUT, I want to drop 10 more atleast.. Might as well.. lol Since I am already suffering.. haha

I dont know why I am wanting this to hurry up.. Its not like the days will go by any faster.. I am just so IMPATIENT!!! This diet teachers you alot more than just not eating crap.. It teaches me to be patient.. It WILL happen.. I am just not that patient.. =P

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