Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 17

Yesterday our stupid refrigerator decided to die on us so I was pretty pissed.. We bought it back in 2003 and it broke the first time in 2006.. We didnt get a warranty on it I guess, or it had run out.. Anyway, it cost $300 to fix.. So, when it basically was doing the same thing this time, I said NO MORE.. We lucked out and got a side by side in stainless steel.. I am pretty happy about that..I dont know why though..Its not like Ill be keeping any awesomely yummy food in it for atleast 23 more days.. lol

Today I was so busy I couldnt think about being hungry so thats a good thing!! I didnt lose any weight, as expected.. And Steve got up the same weight as the day before.. The first time since he started where he had ZERO weight loss overnight.. Minor stalls suck.. But, today, I was told at work my face was starting to look slimmer.. I also felt like it too... I am about 3 pounds away from my last injection weight last year when I stopped the HCG diet.. I wanted to be about 10-15 pounds lighter than that so I will HOPEFULLY get close to that this time..

We found out that steak makes Steve stall so he wont be getting anymore of that until he is on the Atkins part of the diet.. Then he can have it all the time.. LOL That will be in about 3 weeks!! CANT WAIT!!

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