Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 12

Day 12? Really? Wow, that's ALMOST 2 weeks on this diet!! I am sooo praying time will fly..It is almost a 6 week diet, shy of 2 days and if it was any longer, Id have to just be FAT because it is complete torture!!! I can handle it in small increments.. Now that I know about the DIYHCG.com website, I wont let it get so out of hand that Id have to to a 40 day round ever again.. I will be much happier having to do a 20 day round instead of the 40 day.. The only reason it got so out of hand was I was trying to afford $600 for the shots and I couldnt.. My husband needed this too and it is just highway robbery to expect people to be able to pay for it like that.. I mean,come on, just put us on a payment plan that lasts a few months.. LOL

I was doing some research today at lunch about the seasonings on this diet and ill be darned if I was using the WRONG kind of seasoning!! What I read was you cannot use anything that contains MSG, corn starch or sugar...I found that the type of garlic salt I was using contained GARLIC OIL!!! What the heck?? Um.. I wont be using that stuff until Im off this diet.. Also, another one I used HEAVILY had MSG as the NUMBER ONE ingredient.. And yet ANOTHER, had SUGAR.. GEEZ.. They are SNEAKY.. So, I bought some new ones that had NONE of those things in them.. Im sure my pitiful amounts of food that I get to eat will taste like crap but hey, atleast I wont be using those things..

Im still in a stall, which after a 10 pound loss in ONE WEEK, I should be.. lol Ill be lucky to drop 3 pounds this week, TOTAL.. Especially thanks to GARLIC OIL in my garlic salt.. Thats enough to make me want to punch someone.. lol Thats SABOTAGEEEEE haha

Steve has lost about a pound or so since Sunday.. Atleast HE is still losing.. I am, however, stuck on top of the great plateau from hades.. lol Hopefully it will start moving again..

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