Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long time - no post!

Sorry ya'll.. I have been so busy with baseball and the store that I havent posted in like a week! I guess no news is good news right? haha I joined the YMCA and the next day, my whole family got sick.. I was never fully sick, but I was exhausted.. FINALLY I started working out this week.. I got to do a Spin class today and I realized how much I missed that class! It is so relaxing to me.. I dont know why it is.. I just come out of that class so "centered" and calm... It really helps my day go by smoother.. I am planning on doing this class 3-4 times a week from now on! I hope to have some extra weight loss with it, as well..

Today, I enrolled in a research study on weight loss.. I am hoping it will help me lose more! I will keep a log of it on here, Im sure.. :)

I have been so busy that I cannot keep up with all the reality shows, either! I will say this though, that little David Archaletta can SINGGGGGGGGGG! He brought tears to my eyes last night singing " Imagine".. He made it his OWN song.. It was brilliant.. I am seeing a future star in the making.. Im pretty good at this.. I predicted Carrie Underwood..I missed it on Chris Daughtry though ( who should have won BTW ) :)


Leigh said...

He was amazing!
Good Luck on your weight loss plan. I am still wanting to walk if you want to.

Abbey Road -- said...

I am so proud of you! R U going to the Y in the mornings before you open up? We joined Helena Fitness over a year ago and we went religiously for six months and then dropped out when it got warm. Our membership expired in November. My hubby gets on our treadmill every day no matter what ... I'm such a slacker ... I'm in denial. It's like I think about it all of the time, but I never do anything .... I have no willpower nor motivation anymore, yet I want the body I had when I was 25! I NEED HELP! I'm going to surprise you one day and drop in that store!! How did life get so busy?

Michelle said...

Leigh- You need to join the YMCA and come do Spin with me and Deedra.. Debbie was in there today too.. We had a bike all ready and waiting for you too! My life is too busy at this moment to walk.. Sadly.. lol Baseball takes up about 75% of my time and my store takes about 75%.. Id say im OVERSTRETCHED at the moment.. lol

Abbey- I am going right after I drop my middle schooler off at RMS.. I joined Helena Fitness when it opened and went like 4 times.. I didnt like it there.. It didnt have Spin.. That is my motivation..