Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Brother 9

Ok..I finally got caught up with Big Brother last night..Thank goodness for DVR..I have NO IDEA what we did before it? Oh yeah, we missed shows.. haha Anyway, hubby and I watched the show from Wednesday and also fast forwarded through alot of the "BB After Dark" show on Cinemax..When BB 8 was on Showtime, I stayed up late almost every night watching atleast an hour of it..Of course, that was BEFORE we owned a business! I gotta have my ZZZZZ's now! We watched the whole 3 hour show in like 45 minutes.. I am trying to figure this show out.. The After Dark is a live feed thats coming from the house..The first episodes were taped ahead of time..So it goes like this: The twist with BB9 is that the houseguests are paired with their seemingly "soulmates" based on profile tests that they took prior to coming into the house..They have to work as a couple, sleep as a couple and be voted off as a couple..This makes me wonder if the show will last the normal 3 months or not? Who knows.. But I am having a really hard time juggling this show with American Idol! This is my SUMMER show.. Not my Spring Show..haha

A few twists added to the twist are : a couple that dated for 12 years (Jacob and Sharon) and broke up because he cheated on her are paired up and another SECRET couple (Ryan and Jen) who are paired up with 2 other people..First week, the "power couple" is Jen and Parker..They get to send home one couple..

Now, if you saw BB8, you know how it ended, the people that knew each other the longest survived(Eval Dick and Danielle Donato) ..They put aside their differences and worked TOGETHER to win the show..Well, I expected this also from Sharon and Jacob..Sadly, it didnt happen..Jacob ran his mouth about Parker and Jen, Parker's "soulmate" heard it and told Parker..Parker called everyone out on it, to find out who the real culprit was..No one fessed up and so Jacob was left looking like the fool..Sharon, Jacob's ex and soulmate went to Parker and tried to smooth things over and tried convincing him that Ryan(Jen's real boyfriend) was the one who was running his mouth about him..Well, that all backfired when Jen decided to tell Parker about their relationship..She was doing this to save Ryan because Parker was ready to send Ryan and Allison(Ryans "soulmate") home..Ryan was a little preturbed that Jen told Parker so he said that they needed to tell Allison..This is where the drama starts..

I am female and I know how this works: When they informed Allison, she wasnt happy ONE BIT.. And we all know why.. She wasnt upset because she felt like she was at a disadvantage because of Jen and Ryan's relationship..She was just plain ol pissed because she was digging Ryan and wanted to hook up with him.. PLAIN AND SIMPLY PUT! I figured that out before it was obvious! Hubby made a comment about that after the convos took place.. Duh..Women are hateful like that.. Anyway, I knew its a matter of time before Allison let everyone know about their alliance.. Girls like her are the reason I didnt have alot of female friends as a teenager.. uughhh.. Anyway, in the end, Parker and Jen ended up sending home Jacob and Sharon..The new HOH are Alex and Amanda..No drama yet..They are all new.. Im sure it is to come..

Ok.. watching the BB9 After Dark from Wednesday night, it was very different..I was quite confused..I watched Sharon leave with her ex, Jacob but then I saw Sharon on the show..I was very confused until they said that she was brought back and that Neil ( he was paird up with a guy, im assuming they are gay) was sent home.. OKKKAAAYYYY.. Confusion! SO anyway, Sharon is back and from what we could gather, she is MOUTHY.. Oh and the truth behind Jen and Ryan is now out in the open.. Everyone knows and they are not happy.. The common theme is the other houseguests miss their family and friends but Jen and Ryan have each other.. Kind of reminds me of James and his girlfriend in Season 6..That was one of the best seasons, next to the All Stars!

I am done with this update for now..I will try to make sense of all of this over the weekend.. haha

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