Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So much for consistancy!

Well, the last time I posted I was just getting over a busy weekend and half the family being sick..I guess last Friday it was my turn to get sick..I just THOUGHT I was getting sick the week before, I guess..Maybe my body was saving up for this weekend..Who knows..Anyway, Friday night I had this weird nagging feeling in the back of my thoat..I was extremely tired, even though it was Friday night..I was really tired the night before but I just thought it was because I started working out again.. I went to Spin class on Friday and had a wonderful workout..I felt so good, even..But I felt weird Friday night..By 10:30 pm I was dead asleep, awakening from time to time with a completely clogged nose..BOTH SIDES! It was so weird how I went from feeling good to feeling like hell in a matter of 8 hours! The whole weekend consisted of me whining about how I couldnt breathe and how achey I felt! I ran a low grade fever all weekend so it almost felt like it didnt count..Thats very frustrating! I felt really bad because my hubby's parents came to visit from SC and I was strung out on NyQuil and cough medicine all weekend..Not my personal best! I finally went to doctor yesterday and had a Flu test and luckily, I didnt test positive..Doc said I had a pretty bad virus which is whats going around..Just told me to rest ( haha good one , doc) and I should feel better in a couple of days. They gave me a shot and I was on my way..I didnt start feeling right until this morning..I missed Tyler's game last night and will prob miss Whits game and Tylers other game tonight because it is too cold for me to be going out and sitting in cold after being sick.. OH WELL! I guess the road to recovery is full of moments like this! Ya gotta pick your battles, I guess!

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Lisa said...

We've all been sick lately, too. But we're getting better now.