Friday, February 1, 2008

Britney's Sad, Sad, Saga..

This morning on TMZ (yes, I read AND watch this rag.. lol) I read that Britney Spears was classified as "gravely disabled"..Gravely disabled is defined as " a person, as a result of MENTAL ILLNESS, is in danger of serious physical harm due to the persons inability to provide for any of his/her basic needs..In the past few months, we have watched this awful story unfold..Sadly, it is like watching a train wreck..You see it happening and you think you should just mind your own business but instead you just keep on watching to see who gets hurt..I guess it is human nature..Sadly, it is Britney's babies that are getting hurt, and Britney too..

I figured out she had mental problems about a year or so ago..They showed an old interview of her , she was maybe 18 or so, and she seemed so "lucid", meaning she seemed like a typical teenager.. She said "like" alot and she was making sense..Then they showed a recent interview and she was very strange..If anyone saw the interview she gave when she was pregnant, that should pretty much tell the whole tale.. She looked very "lost"..I saw a video of her on TMZ where she was speaking with a "British Accent".. I almost worry that this poor girl has multiple personalities..Dealing with the paparazzi will indeed induce a form of "survival" in its own form, I am sure..According to the DSM-IV, bipolar disorder is "characterized by one or more Major Depressive Episodes accompanied by at least one Hypomanic Episode." Meaning they have very high highs and very low lows in their moods.. EXTREME mood swings..When they are "High" they experience delusions of grandeur, thinking they are more important than they really are..The disorder also manifests itself in the late teens to early 20s..Explains why she has changed so much , since she was a kid..

To be honest, I think that Britney has had this disorder for a while now and the paparazzi FED into this..They followed her EVERYWHERE she went.. If you are a little mentally "off", you could view this totally differnt than a normal person would..As you have seen lately, she has almost "embraced" them..A normal person would view them as a pain in the butt.."Leave me alone" attitude..She has been known to go off on them but then always apologizes to them..She even was dating one..

She has been surrounding herself with people in her life that cause her harm, another symptom of someone who needs help..I have read some REALLY disturbing info about her so called "manager and friend ", Sam Lufti(with friends like him..She doesnt need any enemies!)..Seems he has had several restraining orders against him from people that he has tried to control and when they called him on it, he went psycho on them..Seems that people like him tend to feed on people that they appear as "weak" and they think they can control..This past week he was seen with Britney and her mom out buying a Mercedes(which is a symptom of the manic side of bipolar-making big purchases or going on shopping sprees)..This is THE LAST thing someone with bipolar disorder needs to be doing..If he was truly a friend, he would have her in treatment , instead of allowing her to do that..Her mother was trying to get her to seek help but with Sam Lufti by her side, she could do anything..Also, Mr. Lufti was making huge claims that he ran Britney's life 99% of the time..MAJOR control issues..He has also stated that he has papers signed from Britney stating that he has total control over her, including whether or not she should be "committed"..

He stated that her mother and father were just jealous of their friendship..And of the fact that he could control her..NOW THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE IN TREATMENT! He is unstable..But like's attract "likes"..Unstable people usually seek people that will feed into this frenzy..He sounds like that controlling boyfriend some girls have that when the girls tries to break free, he tries to tell her that it is "them against the world" and that everyone else is just jealous of their relationship..They do that to try to control the girl..This is what Mr. Lufti is doing to Britney..She isnt mentally stable enough to push him away and tell him NO.. I am quite certain that this man is the main reason she is in a downward spiral to hell..

It just makes me SICK when I see people feeding on people that are mentally unstable..Britney has been showing symptoms of this for about 2 years..I thought she was getting it all back together when she divorced her husband..But, if you think about the whole "delusions of grandeur" thing, him divorcing her was probably a HUGE blow to her over inflated ego( one that was due to bipolar disorder)..When that happened, she felt rejected and then turned to anyone who would inflate her ego to where she felt it should be, whether or not it was right..This is where bottom feeders like Lufti come in..She surrounded herself with losers and they all fed off her..Add in the paparrazzi craziness and how every move she makes is being photographed, how she is on every magazine and show ( and some blogs too!) you can imagine how someone with a eschewed way of thinking would view themselves as "overly important"..

This whole saga is so sad..I really do feel badly for her..I pray that she gets the help she deserves and gets better..I am scared she will end up just a memory..Id rather remember her as that cute little girl on the "Mickey Mouse Club"..


HEWY said...

So sad

Leigh said...

It is sad. I hope that she can get the help she needs before it is to late.