Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I cannot believe this show is on! My husband and I were just flipping through the channels last night, waiting for the 20/20 thing on Natalee Holloway to come on and we just happen to see "Paradise Hotel 2" on My Network TV channel, which is channel 2 on Charter Cable..I didnt even know this channel existed..From what I gathered, this is a sister station to Fox and that Fox couldnt run the show on Fox because no one wanted to advertise on it..I can imagine why..If you think about the idea behind the show..It isnt a very "proper" show and you definately dont want your impressionable young preteen or early teenage daughters to watch this.. Or son for that matter..

The show is basically about 11 single people who are put together in a luxury hotel..They pick a "room mate" who is of the opposite sex..All the people there have a partner except for one person..They have to have a room all by themself that week..By the end of the week, they have to have secured a room mate or go home..If they have, then someone else will be sent home..And then a new person is sent in their place..(I am trying to still figure out why having a room ALL BY YOURSELF is bad.. haha I guess it is because they dont have the "edge" in having a "partner". ) The room mates not only share a room but become "partners" in trying to win the final prize which is 250K..They have the option of splitting it with their partner or keeping it all if their couple wins..In Paradise Hotel 1, the 2 couples that won, one shared and the other couple didnt..The hot girl used the dorky guy to help her win and then didnt even give him a red cent! Talk about great Reality Television drama! The dorky guy made that show! It was priceless!

My take on this new Paradise Hotel? IT SUCKS!! I definately wont be wasting my time with this show, unless there is NOTHING ELSE ON and I need to watch tv..Seriously..There are NO HOT GUYS and the girls are just ok..But nothing to drool over for the guys..The guys are all goofy looking and they all seem to have this overconfidence that they shouldnt have! One guy was like " If you weigh over 250 pounds, I wont even look your way..If you look like BARBIE, you will definately get my attention" What a dweeb..Yeah..This is NOT worth my time.. Once the Natalee Holloway thing started on 20/20 I forgot this show was even on for another 30 minutes..This is kind of like "Beauty and the Geek" First season was HILARIOUS!! But the second season didnt live up to first season..Girls werent "beauties" and the geeks looked like normal guys..B-O-R-I-N-G !!!People, if a major network cannot get advertisers in for the show, I would say its a NO GO..There is a reason the advertisers dont wanna fork out the money for it..IT SUCKS!! JMHO :)


HEWY said...

I loved Beauty and the Geek. I was also disappointed by the 2nd season.

Michelle said...

I remember that one guy..I cant recall his name..He MADE the show..I havent seen a guy like him since on there..You cant reproduce characters like that..You are either him or not.. lol