Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

This is the weirdest video I have ever seen of my kid! I had to put this on my blog because of a friend of mine..She thought this was the FUNNIEST video of Todd.. He had this on his MySpace but I made him take it off.. I will put it on my blog now.. haha Im SO CONSISTENT.. :) You can thank Guitar Hero and Rock Band for making my children think that they can actually play the guitar like the real guys.. Geez..Todd is missing his calling- He needs to be an actor!! :)


Abbey Road -- said...

Todd is so hilarious! I sure needed that today ... help him to hold onto that "kid" and "sense of humor" . . . you know they have real "air guitar" constests? They are a hoot, but those guys are really SERIOUS about their "craft"!!

Leigh said...

Michelle, There is NOTHING worng with this (is there) I start every morning like this. Seriuosly, I do. (You probabaly know by now) Doubter? ask my kids who shake their little heads. LOL!

Michelle said...

Abbey- I am so glad that my son could make you laugh! He makes us laugh alot too.. Sadly, his brothers arent laughing with him but at him! HAHA :) What was so funny is he swore UP AND DOWN to his friends that he was really playing it.. I told him that he blew that one when he stopped moving his hands one time but the music was still coming out.. What a goober!

Leigh! Why am I not suprised that you wake up that way? You have more energy than anyone I know!!!