Friday, February 8, 2008


I am freaking out at how much Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, looks like her mama!!! We all remember the day little Lourdes was born..I remember an announcement was made on the tv..That was back when Madonna was like J.Lo now.. haha Every minute of her pregnancy and every picture possible was taken of her pregnant back in those days..There was no where near the frenzy when she had her youngest son..This is my ode to the major music influence in my formidable teen years- Madonna!! :)


Leigh said...

to me she kinda looks like (in that pic) lisa marie. but she does also look like madonna

Michelle said...

She looks like they typical JOHN CARROLL italian girl, to me! Only back in the day, they wore a buttload of purple eyeshadow and high hair.. haha :) Seriously, her daughter is gorgeous..I know that Carlos Leon is the daddy, so she gets that Latin look from him some, but Madonna is ALSO italian..she just doesnt tan and she COLORS her hair..That first communion picture of Madonna on there looks ALOT like Lourdes..Im talking like we are FAMILY here..haha