Friday, February 8, 2008


Wow! I have been very busy this week doing absolutely nothing, it feels like! I have had something to do every morning before I go into the store and have had no time for anything else, even going to the grocery store! My cat that I have a picture on this blog of disappeared last Friday..He is a boy and he hasnt been neutered yet so I was expecting him to be gone for a few days..We were planning on neutering him the next few weeks.. ANYWAY, this cat appears after 4 days limping on 3 legs..I guess he got into a fight with another boy cat.. He was so pitiful! Well, now I have to take him to the vet and have him looked at..This morning he looked so skinny..I guess he is sick now.. I will let you know how things go..

UPDATE: ok..He was indeed in a fight and he had been bit several times in his back leg..Hence the hopping on one leg..He had swelling down to the joint..Of course, the vet had to take an XRAY to make sure that it wasnt broken..Anyway, to the tune of $277, he is now on his way home.. I think its highway robbery!


Leigh said...

soooo glad you found your kitty. Cats bites are the worst bites. Can get very infected. go to dr day in montevallo I will bet that bill would've cost you less than $100.00 bucks. worth the drive. he's great!

Michelle said...

I was going to take him to Dr. Day but I have NO IDEA where he is located!!! This cat needs to be fixed and needs shots..Where is he located????