Monday, February 4, 2008


I am letting everyone know that at this very moment that Consignment Classics is having their END OF SEASON sale! Everything that remotely looks fall or winter has been slashed 30%! We have got to moooove some merchandise to make room for all the lovely Spring wear that people have been bringing in! We cannot put out any new clothing until this stuff is moved! Look at it this way...This is one way to get name brand clothing that , at normal store pricing was ALREADY 50% cheaper (at the least), add the 30% off, that give you a savings of 80%!! We have tons of name brand stuff! Abercrombie, Banana Republic, Limited, Eddie Bauer, Levis, Polo, ETC! Come see me!


Leigh said...

Even the jeans?

Michelle said...

Some of the jeans..I am pulling a few that have been here for a while and ALL corderoy pants..Let me know! I might just cut you a "special" dealie!