Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idol Top 24!

Its official folks! We have our top 24.. Alot of people that I thought deserved it are there! I am still hurting from the girl from Philadelphia that had the special needs daughter not making it! Maybe next year? I am just excited as can be about the Irish girl and the Aussie guy.. I am sure they will be household names in the coming weeks and I wont have to call them that.. haha I remember when Chris Daughtry was at this point.. We didnt know his name either.. My oldest son just kept calling him "his boy" haha.. My hubby made an interesting point last night: There are NO hot chicks to root for.. I think we might have missed them.. They focussed on certain ones.. I will say this: Ladies, we got a hottie to root for.. Aussie guy is very hot! Kinda Dane Cook hot.. Not like model hot, just typical dude hot..Hubby is hotter though.. :)

And you know I am going to make my comment on Josiah ..( yes, his name has not escaped me because he was on the show constantly! Why Im not sure) I am SO GLAD that they kicked him off.. I swear he is bi polar or something.. Watching him.. He was all sweet and stuff and then would start bawling and then say he was fine.. But my gosh, he sure loved the camera! Im surprised they didnt get a close up to catch the snot in his nose.. sheesh.. I truly feel that this kid was not as sweet and wonderful as he made himself out to be.. Im not saying he is like a psycho but what 17/18 year old kid LEAVES HOME to persue a musical dream?(in this day and age) And then to think that you are so great that you didnt need a back up band and sing the "last chance" song to make it to the Top 24? Oh and the comments that he just knew they would pick him to be in the top 24 were based on what? Does this kid watch American Idol? Oh, I forgot.. He lives in his car.. I severely doubt that story.. JMO , of course.. But how does he keep up with his My Space that shows all his music? Sounds fishy to me..
I personally think that during the Hollywood week, that people dont need to have it held against them if they forget the words.. I understand the make em or break em attitude.. But I have seen some really great people let go because they forgot the words.. Geez.. I am sure I would have been let go too.. I STILL need the words to songs when I am singing!
And one more thing..Whats up with these kids putting all their eggs in one basket? This is something that gets to me when they show people that are voted out by RP&S..That guy, the one that said " Well, I have NO IDEA what Im going to do NOW" Like being on American Idol was the end all, be all of their existance.. I know KIDS tend to think like this.. Someone needs to give them a dose of reality!!! Please dont limit yourself.. Always have a Plan B!! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! And please dont make a fool of yourself on national TV!!! :)


Leigh said...

I missed it b/c of date night. Bama told me abou tit and the kid that said, "What will I do now". LOL. Seriously, get a life.....
I didnt realize Josiah was gone. I agree though, why did they keep him from Tuesday night. I would've cut him then....I too dont buy that he lives in the car. Maybe he spends the night in his car so he can say that but bettin gmommy still does his laundry.
Glad you filled me in on this.

Michelle said...

Hey, I aim to please!! :)