Monday, February 4, 2008

You Seen This Kid Before on TV?

This is 2 pictures taken from the show "Country Fried Home Videos" on CMT.. Isnt that little boy cute? This was on the season premiere back in July..The name of the show was "Youve Got Males"..The gyst of the show was videos about men or men in training doing silly and sometimes funny things..This happened to be a video about a little 2 year old boy that hit a golf ball into a regualtion size basketball goal, not once, BUT TWICE!!!! This is my nephew, Will! We were so excited! I remember the day he did this..My mother was taping him to show someone how good his swing was, he is gonna be Tiger Woods one day, I tell ya! Anyway, He set up to hit the golfball and it went into the basketball goal..So my mom said " Do it again" and Will did it AGAIN! If you have seen the show, you can see how excited he was! This was about 5 1/2 years ago.. He has grown so much! I want to get a video of him doing this and put it on my blog..


HEWY said...

That is so cool!

Leigh said...


Michelle said...

Yall the weirdest thing happened yesterday. I was in the store and I was flipping through the channels and his video caught my eye as I went past CMT..I was like " DID I JUST SEE WILL?" haha..That was the first time I actually caught it as I was flipping..I usually have to watch the entire show before I see it!