Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Vacation Place

I found this very nice informative yet beautiful array of pictures of the place that we are staying at in Orange Beach.. The place is called The Caribe..My parents and sister and her family all stayed there last year and RAVED about it so much that they planned another vacation there , only this time we got a place that all 3 families could fit in! Get a load of these pics:

WOW is all I gotta say.. Saturday cant get here FAST ENOUGH! LOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Class of 2008!

Last Thursday, May 22,2008, Whit graduated! I was so proud of him! He looked so handsome in his cap and gown..Sadly, I had NO CAMERA! All I had was my cell phone camera.. My mom and sister ALSO forgot their cameras! Steve told me THREE times where the camera was but with so much going on, I forgot to get it.. Oh well.. These pictures I have are the ONLY pictures from that night.. Luckily, I got Traci Dubberly to take a photo of him getting his diploma :)


There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!! I am FINALLY starting to feel like MICHELLE again..Yesterday was the first day since my lumpectomy/mini-mastectomy that I FORGOT to take a pain pill!! That is how I know I will NEVER become addicted to pain meds..I have always done that..I take them like I am supposed to, for the most part..I try to be macho and limit them some because I dont even like taking ALEVE, unless Im DYIN! So, for me to take a pain pill, Im in MAJOR PAIN!!!
Anyway, I realized at 10 pm last night that I hadnt taken ANYTHING all day long..This is when having ADD comes in handy,I guess..HAHA I was so NOT FOCUSED that I didnt realize I was in pain..LOL Actually, the past few days I have noticed I only need pain meds LATER in the day..Im ok until around 3..Well, yesterday I didnt even need them at 3!! I guess that means Im almost healed! About time! Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery...Hallelujah!!! Im looking forward to getting back in the gym and working out! My goal is to start back the Monday after we get back from Orange Beach..(after next week) We are leaving this Saturday and not coming back until the following Saturday..WOOHHOOOOOOO!! Ill talk more about that later..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our SUMMER Obsession: So You Think You Can Dance

I dont understand why me and my hubby LOVE this show so friggin much..Only reason I can think of is the contestants are all unknowns, just like American Idol..I also love Mary Murphy and her squeals of joy when she gets all hyped up with a great performance..There have actually been a performance or two that MOVED me to tears..One was last season..Mia Michaels is also another favorite..She gets all emotional and will move me to tears with her tears! Nigel Lythgoe, we ALL know helped create American Idol and Im sure he and Simon hang..LOL They have very similar personalities..He is fun to watch too!
I also noticed that there was a guy that made it to Vegas last week that is from Montgomery, Alabama..His name was "Twitch".. He was a breakdancer and a very good one, at that! So, join me and my hubby in our summer I cant wait until July, thats when my OTHER summer obsession comes on..Fellow blogger Deedra shares my obsession.. hehe BIG BROTHER!! Which, by the way, begins on Sunday, July 13!!!!! Woohooo Deedra!!!! More sleepy filled days due to me staying up waaay too late watching Big Brother After Dark on

I Told Ya So!!!

I have to brag a bit..Not too terribly much..But I gotta say: Neener Neener Neener! I knew David Cook would win American Idol! HAHA I have to admit though, when David Archuleta sang his heart out on the last performance night, I was a bit worried..I was almost He sounded SO GREAT..I am such a huge DC fan that I felt that I was cheating on him by enjoying David Archuleta..Gotta give the boy PROPS!!! I have a feeling DA will have NO PROBLEM making a name for himself after American Idol.. I have to take this moment and congratulate David Cook on a job well done!

MY top 5 would have looked a little different, though..It would have been DA and DC but it would have also had Sayeesha Mercado, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson..My top 3 would have been DA,DC and Carly Smithson..I believe she had the best voice in the competition..Something keeps holding her back..I cant put my finger on it..Hubby thinks it is the tatoos..She is absolutely GORGEOUS when she gets fixed up but the tatoos DO tend to distract..When she covers them, she is flawless.. Maybe hubby is right.. She could DEFINATELY give Amy Lee of Evanescence a run for her money, vocally..Maybe if she took that heavier, edgier music route, she wouldnt have any problems..She definately has the voice of an American Idol, but thats not all the American Idol is..I was sad she was sent home..I was having flashbacks of Chris Daughtry.. LOL So, I was a little scared when she was sent home the week after Michael Johns was sent home..I was SO WORRIED DC was next! I am SO GLAD America FINALLY got it right, this season!

Interesting stuff

I was reading Leigh's blog today and I saw something about Technorati..I had to join and figure this out..So here we go: Technorati Profile

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Hubby!

Today is my hubby and my anniversary! We have been married for 5 years! It doesnt feel like it is our anniversary because we have so much going on.. With graduation and all, we will be lucky to wish each other a happy anniversary.. haha But I wanted to take this moment on my blog to wish Steve a Happy Anniversary! I love you and all that other mushy stuff.. lol I have to share a funny story about our wedding day.. Steve and I got married at the courthouse in Jefferson County.. We had a female judge, Judge Vinson.. She was very nice.. Of course, Steve and I didnt realize that the day we made plans to be married, that his team, The South Carolina Gamecocks, would be playing in the SEC baseball tournament that same day.. Yall know how our family is about baseball.. And being that Steve rarely gets to see his team, we had to do some finagaling(Sp?) to make it to the game.. LOL
Yes, you read that right.. Our time to marry was at 1pm that afternoon.. South Carolina played at 1ish.. Steve thought if we got to the courthouse maybe an hour or so early, the judge might marry us early.. Well, she happen to be leaving for lunch when we caught her.. Her assistant ran and got her and told her that her 1 pm appointment was early and wanted to know if shed like to knock it out then.. She thought it was a great idea and married us then.. Immediately after she pronounced us Husband and Wife, Steve says while doing the "yes" gesture with his arm, "Great! NOW I can make the South Carolina Baseball Game!"
Judge Vinson rolled her eyes at him and said " How romantic" LOL Such is the life in my household.. We got it all in perspective.. Baseball first.. LOL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Future Voice of Milo's?

Randall Nichols? I would sooo LOVE that! This guy is one heck of a singer and a guitarist! He is an awesome performer!! I had the pleasure of getting to know Randall during the Big Mountain Idol competition..I can tell you this much, Randall had my family's vote! My hubby told me that if he wasnt married to me, he would have voted for Randall ,instead of me,because Randall was a double threat..He could sing AND play..When I was voted out of the competition, all our votes went to Randall!
Randall has NOW been picked as one out of 15 to be voted on as the next voice of Milo's..Here is the scoop that Randall sent me in an email:
Milo's is looking for a new voice for their jingle and put out an open call to the locals. As many as 360 auditioned and the executives narrowed it down to 15 finalists. I have made my way into that group and now need all the help I can find to become the next Milo's Mega Star. Auditions will be aired on the local CBS affiliate, CBS42, this Thursday morning, May 22nd starting at 6AM and voting will open on their website immediately afterward ( Please vote early and as often as possible. The winner will be announced on June 2nd. The Grand Prize is a contract with Milos' agency to produce the new jingle and a $5000 cash prize.
I know I will be giving him my vote! Please everyone VOTE FOR RANDALL!! Milo'sMega Star!!!

What the heck?

This is exactly what I said on Sunday when I finally got the butterfly bandages off my boob.. You may wonder why I said WHAT THE HECK? It is because I went in thinking I had a LUMPECTOMY.. Meaning a little area, about 1-1.5 inch incision, TOPS! I couldnt believe the GASH that was staring back at me in my bathroom mirror.. Mind you, taking off any bandage after this ONE DAY SURGERY was just about worse than the surgery,itself..When I took off the initial dressing, I kid you not, I had to go sit by the toilet because I thought I was going to puke..I never did.. But I was really hurting!!!
Ok.. so about the GASH.. It measured 3 inches.. Thats about 2x the size I was expecting.. NO WONDER I AM IN SO MUCH FRIGGIN PAIN!!!!!!!!! I saw the doctor yesterday for my post surgical visit..He said it was all healing ok but that I had some redness in the area and that he wanted me to take some antibiotics, just so infection wouldnt settle in.. INFECTION? UUGGHHHH.. So, Im taking antibiotics now..
I asked the doc why my incision was so big.. He told me that it was very deep and in order to get it all, they had to take a pretty big CHUNK out.. He told me that they removed a 9cm x 6cm x 3cm section.. I was wondering if I had any boob left.. I do.. But anyway, no wonder I feel like crap! I had a modified mastectomy almost! GEEZ!!!!! I am still hurting, BTW.. I am wondering when this will end... Hey, Atleast Im cancer free! I guess thats a positive I can look at!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A HUGE Sigh Of Relief

I heard from the doc today..That is about the longest friggin wait ever.. Anyway, he told me that the lump was fibrous in nature and it was called a fibroadenoma.. It was also benign and there were no signs of cancer anywhere! He told me I needed to go out and celebrate! I read up on it after I talked to him and realized that this is probably what my mom had..If a fibroadenoma is left alone in a few years it can turn cancerous..My mother was 45 before she had her first mammogram.. This was back before it became such big deal to have mammograms..She has been cancer free now for 21 years.. I learned alot from this ordeal and how important it is to keep up with your mammograms! I will definately be having my mammograms done on a yearly basis if not sooner from now on! Prayers have been answered for sure today! Amen!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can Darvocet Give You a Hangover?

Thats exactly how I am feeling today..My eyes are seeing images that are small, as if I had to wear glasses..Im sure this will pass...I guess it is a side affect from the anethesia..I swear I slept all day yestrday, after I got home..One time I woke up, thinking it was maybe 5:00 at the latest..Until my hubby and kids made fun of me for being so "TANKED" LOL..The time was actually 7 pm.. You know how much I LOVE american Idol and I couldnt sty awake even for that..

The doc gave me some pain pills..I am trying to not take them but I have to at this point..I get so sleepy and loopy on them..Just when I think I am feeling ok and try to lift something, thats when I get that sharp pain..I can actually feel, under the dressing, the place where they took the "Area of Suspicion" (AKA - AOS)out..I get to remove the dressing today..I had to come into work at my store, but I really think it is a good thing..Im not sitting around at home, worrying about the AOS being cancerous..There is a huge chance it wont be cancer..But you never know! Im trying to be positive..Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this..

Friday, May 9, 2008


That was what the doctor said I needed to have done...I met a surgeon today at St. Vincents..He seems to be very aggressive in his treatment, which is something I appreciate! I really didnt care much for taking my shirt off for someone else today..Im not much for strippin these days.. lol..Anyway, the doc said he didnt feel any lump but he did give me the report that the radiologist gave him:

They saw an "area of suspicion" on the mammogram so they compared it to my baseline mammogram from 2.5 years ago..There was definately an area of suspicion..So, they wanted me to come back on Monday to have an ultrasound and if they couldnt see anything, they wanted me to have another mammogram..This time, they would compress the area of suspicion..Sometimes , the surgeon said, when they compress an area like that, the lump goes away..I had the ultrasound and it was inconclusive..So, off to the mammogram thingie.. I HATE THOSE THINGS!! Didnt feel too special, thats for sure! So much for making the lump dissipate by compression..It was still there.. It was oval shaped and about 1.5 cm in diameter..

So anyway, I am having a LUMPECTOMY on Tuesday..It is done on an outpatient basis..I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 and will have the lumpectomy at 11:30..WOOHOOO!!

I am more worried about getting an IV and having anesthesia administered..Im weird like that..I almost had a panic attack, thinking about having to be put to sleep.. uughhh..Oh well.. That too shall pass!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I dont even know what to say...

So I will just friggin say it! Ok, a week ago I had my car towed at the Crawfish Boil..All the drama from that was enough to keep me occupied from what is really going on in my life right now..Its really weird to me that on the same day that my life was turned upside down from all the crap the city of Birmingham handed me, it was also the same day that I had gotten a call from my OB-GYN's office telling me that the mammogram I had 2 days before had a "suspicious" mass and that I needed to have another mammogram on Monday morning.. uugghhhh...

Ok.. Let me start this by telling you that I have been preparing for this moment mentally since I was 17 years old..My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45..I was 17..I really didnt fully comprehend the whole ordeal..I was soo into myself..I was a friggin teenager.. But I do remember worrying about my mom..It was kind of surreal to me too..It happened so fast, it seemed..My mom went in and had a mammogram, after her doctor nagged her into it..She basically went in there and had it to shut him up! lol So, she was shocked when she found out that she had a small "area of suspicion", smaller than 2 cm in her right breast..It seemed that all of a sudden, she had a mastectomy and reconstruction in one fell swoop! I know it wasnt like that, but thats the way it seemed in my 17 year old mind..

Anyway, all of these memories came back to me yesterday when I was contacted , once again, by my OB-GYN office telling me that the mass was indeed suspicious and that the next step would be that I meet with a doctor at St. Vincents about having the "suspicious mass" that measured approximately 1.5 cm, biopsied..Biopsy..What an ugly word.. Seriously..I wish it was a better word.. But I guess there is no pretty word to describe a technique used to extricate a substance from a "suspicious mass" and test it to see if it is cancerous or not..

Like I said before, I have been preparing for this moment since I was 17..Well, for the most part I was..I cannot begin to explain how I feel inside..I really cant..Im not sad..Im not mad..Im not anything..Probably because we arent even sure if this is a big deal or not..All I know is this : My mom had a similar "suspicious mass" in her right breast, just like me..Hers measured less than 2 cm, just like me..I guess preparing mentally was best for me, all these years..Atleast Im not in denial..I know that if I have it, Its there..Nothing I can do about it..It will be removed..I will deal with it..If I dont have cancer, I will just wait til the next time I have to deal with this again.. lol Anyway, say a prayer for me tomorrow..I will see the surgeon at 11:30..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day

This is sooo funny..My boys showed this to me about 2 years ago and I have wanted to share this with everyone I know..Now I can.. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

UPDATE on what happened Friday Night..

An old friend of mine was at the Crawfish Boil Friday with his wife and 2 kids..I actually saw them from afar but I didnt say anything because there were so many people there..Anyway, I saw his brother Monday night at Todd's baseball game..I asked him if his brother had fun and he asked me if I had fun..I told him we had fun until we got TOWED.. And he said that his brother was almost towed..I asked him what happened and I called him this morning to confirm what happened..He said he and his wife met their kids at 10:20 and they went back to their truck..He saw that there were about 7 tow trucks in the lot, the same lot we had our car towed from..

He loaded up the family and started to leave. When he got to the exit of the lot, a man in a Birmingham Parking Authority shirt stopped him by putting up a chain across the exit.. The man told him that he couldnt leave because he was parked illegally.. My friend asked him what he needed to do and he said " Give me $20 and you can go".. I found out from another woman whos car was towed that she saw alot of people paying $20 to get out of the lot..These people chained the lot so people couldnt leave.. So they not only got the money they made out of towing , they made money off of people by chaining the entrance , holding people hostage, until they paid $20 to leave.. Why tow some people and then take $20 from others? This sooo smells like a scam!


Monday, May 5, 2008

This is how MY Friday night went...

Ok.. I gotta tell you..I was on a cloud of feel good " I am the COOLEST mom" trip Friday afternoon..Ya see, hubby and I decided we would take the 2 youngest boys to the Crawfish Boil in downtown Birmingham..They were SO EXCITED! There were 4 bands that night that just happen to be some of the boys favorite bands..The tickets were $25 a person and to be honest, to see 4 of their fav groups, it was a GREAT value!

The performances were great! I saw tons of drunk people and even a few drunk teens we knew.. I guess their parents werent as cool as we were and they knew they could come to a function like the Crawfish Boil all tanked up and no one would know..

I was so excited to see 3 Doors Down, personally..I also liked Candlebox and Seether too..I really dont care for the rap stuff but was familiar with T-Pain's stuff because my kids always play it in the car..I will have to be honest with you here, T-Pain was the BEST performance of the night..The sound was awesome and they just put on one heck of a show..I enjoyed all the performances but T-Pain was, by far, the most entertaining..

Oh and one more exciting moment: Todd, my 11 year old and a friend pushed their way up to the front row before T-Pain and stayed there until 3 Doors Down had almost finished..Now, dont think I just let my baby run wild at this event..He was with another 11 year old boy that had a cell phone and we were in constant contact with them.. lol..

With all this feel good-ness going on, you would have thought we had some awesome memories, right? WRONG..It was great up until this moment: We were walking to the car and as we walked up to where the lot was, we noticed that the lot was empty..Then we realized that our car was no where to be found..Then we noticed that there were wreckers all over the lot with cars loaded up on them..That was when we realized that OUR CAR HAD BEEN TOWED!!!!!!!

At this point, we saw a female police officer and she looked extremely irritated..My husband said " What is going on?" She pointed to a woman and said " Talk to HER" So he did..She then proceeded to tell hubby that she was the lot managerwe were parked on Private Property..And that there was a sign posted that stated it..WHAT? When we pulled into the lot, there was a line of cars before us and behind us..There were people walking all over the place and cars everywhere..I NEVER once saw a sign that said that..I had looked before we parked and did not notice any along the street..

So, there we were..Me, my hubby an my 11 and 14 year old sons..STRANDED in downtown Birmingham, on the worst side of town at 11:30 at night..No car, my cell phone was in my purse, which was in the car and my hubby's cell phone was about dead at the time..There was another male police officer on the lot , who was pretty much standing by the "lot manager" the whole time..I am sure it was to protect her.. It was at this time that I noticed the number of people that were also stranded..All kinds of people..There were numerous groups of teenage girls, huddled together , crying..Probably scared to death..I cried some myself..I felt SO HELPLESS! I am sure the teenagers had no idea what to do..I know I didnt!

Hubby and I were irate, and for a good reason..We told the lady that she made a huge mistake..She didnt just tow peoples cars..She left people STRANDED..FAMILIES stranded..CHILDREN stranded..SHe then tried to justify her action by shooting back that she had to leave her family to come out there..Whatever.. We were getting ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE WITH THAT WOMAN..So then we tried to talk to the police officer and asked him what we should do NOW..He pretty much didnt care..He got an attitude and asked us if we saw a sign posted about the parking lot being private property..It was posted where we drove in..To be honest, we never saw a sign..There were people all over the place..The officer then proceeded to tell hubby that we drove over a barricade to get into the lot, which was a lie..We told him there was nothing barring anyone from parking there..People were lined up to get into this lot..We told him we had parked on the grassy looking area, not the paved area..That was when the lot manager said that thanks to US, SHE was going to have to spend $5000 to RE-SOD the lot..WHATEVER.. There was NEVER any sod in that lot..It was nothing but dirt and weeds..

This is where this whole story got REALLY messed up..The officer then told us that someone was charging people $5 to park in the lot ILLEGALLY..He then said he was now under arrest..Ok.. So here is what happened..Lot manager found out someone was charging people to park, so she got irate and decided to have all the cars towed..Makes NO SENSE whatsoever..

The officer walked away and left us there to figure out what we needed to do..Steve got in touch with Whit, who was still in a parking deck at the Crawfish Boil with his friends..They drove over to the parking lot and we realized that only one of us could ride to the place where our car was due to the fact that Whit was riding with 3 other boys and they were in a Mustang..Steve stayed back at the lot with the boys and I left with Whit and his friends..

The place that had my car was called B and G Automotive..It was located off of Arkadelphia Road , not the safest place in the city..I got out and stood in line to pay the $200 that we were told it would cost to get car out..Right before the boys drove off someone told us that it would cost $200 in CASH..No debit cards, checks or credit cards..CASH! Whit took my ATM card and went to get cash while I stood in line..He ended up going to 4 different ATMs before he got the cash..Once again, I remind you, NOT ON THE SAFEST SIDE OF TOWN..And anyway, WHO has that much cash on them? Seriously!

The atmosphere at B and G Automotive was one of anger and nervousness..All the people there were angry and felt very violated..No one knew the lot was Private Property..I never saw a sign, alothough we found out later they were posted..Usually, if you dont want anyone to park in your lot, you put up chains or a barricade with numerous signs.. There was none of that..People were very angry..One guy got his car back and when they brought it to him, the tire was flat..The rims touched the ground! He was extremely angry..Some Stone Cold Steve Austin looking guy that worked for B and G Automotive tried to back him down, telling him basically to shut up..The guy ended up filing a report with the Birmingham Police Department.. Another car had the front part of it lowered from the tow truck..

A woman called Fox 6 news and a reporter took everyones names and numbers down for a possible story..I finally got my car at 1 am, roughly..I headed back to the Sheraton Hotel next to the BJCC, where Steve and the boys had walked to from the lot..We got home about 2 am. Steve told me about the people that were left at the lot..There were still like 20 at that time..He told me about a guy that had come to the Crawfish Boil with $250 on him..He spent $50 for him and his girlfriend to get in, $25 on gas and has$175 left..He found his car on a tow truck still there when he got to the lot..He offered the $175 to the tow truck driver and he refused to give his car back to him and LEFT him and his girlfriend there at the lot..With no way to get his truck..Pathetic..

So anyway, this is how my cool and fun Friday night turned out.. I dont think I ever want to go to another event in Birmingham EVER AGAIN!

Oh and one more thing to rub a little salt in the wounds: the next night, the same lady that had all our cars towed was charging people to park there..She told a reporter at NBC13 that she had "Learned from her mistakes the night before".. Her mistake cost me and about 150-200 people $200 dollars each..That means that towing company made $30-40K that night ALONE..

Friday, May 2, 2008


This is one of the funniest comedy shows I have ever seen..Ellen Degeneres is so talented and really good at mimicking how people act..Her comedy is so much about life and how we all react in it..

This show was done back in 2003, I think..She was no longer the bitter "coming out of the closet" Ellen that we saw in her comedy show called "The Beginning".. I guess she chilled out and just decided to go back to the Ellen we all knew and loved before her show became such a political stand..I loved her show, back in the day..

Ellen is truly a gifted comic..I loved her in Finding Nemo.. And she was just a voice.. Her book she wrote a couple of years ago was funny too..I am not much of a book reader..But I couldnt put it down!! Anyway, this is a snippet from the comedy show.. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whats the ONE movie that you are embarrassed to admit you LOVED

OK.. We all have that one movie that we loved with all of our heart at one time or another..I will admit mine..This movie was my favorite movie when I was 12..I saw this at the Eastwood Mall theater..It was called "The Pirate Movie".. I was instantly in love with Christopher Atkins..I even bought the album!( thats a CD back in those days.. lol ) I listened to it EVERY morning while getting ready for school.. I loved it so much I wanted to be the character that Kristy MacNichol played.. Pathetic.. lol I would sit in my room and TRY to make my hair look like hers.. Weird.. lol My parents HATED that music..My mom said they would hear the record start in my room and say" Yo Ho Ho Goddam Ho" ROFL!! This is for my parents.. LOL I know you will enjoy!!!

My Fav 13 Movies

Ok.. Leigh was asking about your favorite movies..My list pretty much is like Leighs..So I will add a few others..I have whittled my list down to my top 5 though..Five for Friday? lol Anyway, here they are :

1.Titanic with Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett..This is actually one of my favorite Dramatic movies of ALL TIME..I am kind of embarrassed to admit it..I am not joking..I watched this movie like 7 times IN THE THEATER! I couldnt get enough of that movie..It moved me so much! It wasnt so much the love story behind Jack and Rose, it was the whole idea of the Titanic and the fact that this was a true story..The Titanic, that is..Not Jack and Rose..I watched and read everything there was about this ill fated voyage..I can STILL watch the movie pretty much all the way through, even now.. And get choked up at the same part : the old couple hold each other close on the bed while their room fills up with water and the mom tells her babies a bedtime story while she is awaiting their death in the steerage class because some jerk wouldnt allow them through the gates..Bawled my eyes out in the theater..

2. The Lost Boys with all the hotties of the late 80s.. lol I LOVED this movie so much that I bought the CD..Actually it was one of the 1st cd's I ever owned.."Gonna have a good time tonight..Rock N Roll Music gonna play alright" I guess thats the lyrics..Im not a lyric person.. lol Anyway..My sister had the hots for Corey Haim..I liked Jason Patric and my best friend Lisa liked Keifer Sutherland..Whooda thunkit that Keifer would be a very well known actor even NOW.. This past Halloween, I made my middle son and his friends watch this movie..They were all watching all those stupid current horror movies so I made them watch this CLASSIC.. lol They actually liked it..There has never been a pack of Vampires as cool as these guys.. hehe And dangit if Jason Patric didnt look JUST LIKE Jim Morrison.. Sadly, my kids had NO IDEA who that was.. lol

3. For Keeps with Molly Ringwald..This was one cute little movie..It was about a high school honor student (Molly Ringwald) who ends up pregnant. The father is an equally smart boy who has dreams of going to Cal Tech and becoming something smart.. lol Both sides of the family has plans for the kids and things get pushed to the side once they find out they are pregnant..One of my favorite scenes was when the teens knew she was pregnant but no one else did..They were all sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, both families.. They were all having small talk when Molly Ringwald announces " Im PREGNANT..Can you pass the turnips?" The looks on the parents faces alone were hysterical.. Of course, this movie really makes me nervous now, as a parent of teenagers..But back then, I didnt veiw it that way..

4. Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg as Sister Mary Clarence..This is also one of my hubby's favorite movies..It is just one heck of a feel good movie..And watching those nuns cracked me up! Kathy Najimy was HILARIOUS as Sister Mary Patrick..A pre-Fugees Lauryn Hill was AMA-ZA-ZING singing..She brought tears to my eyes when she sang "Eye On The Sparrow" acapella.. Favorite quote? "Go with God, Chrispy.." hehe If you know this movie, you will understand..

5. Spaceballs with Mel Brooks, Daphne Zuniga, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, etc....This is, I hate to admit, my all time most favorite funny movie..It is absolutely the STUPIDIST movie ever made..I LOVED all the Star Wars movies..I am a Star Wars Movie trivia freak.. My hubby once told someone how weird it was that I knew so much about Star Wars, being that I was a girl and all.. LOL But anyway, back to Spaceballs.. I cannot even begin to tell you my favorite parts because the whole movie is my favorite part.. lol Go to YouTube and watch all the tidbits from the movie..I did this one day in my store.. I was Laughing Out Loud FOR REAL! lol Fav quote: Dark Helmet( Darth Vader,Rick Moranis) is told that Yogurt(Yoda, Mel Brooks) is in the vicinity..He says "Yogurt? I HATE Yogurt! Even with strawberries!" I told you it was stupid humor.. lol
**HONORABLE MENTION: Top Gun with Tom Cruise,Val Kilmer,Dr Green from Er,etc..I had to add this one because of all the hot guys in it.. LOL I remember watching this movie in the theater with my sister and Lisa..The vollyball scene alone is reason to mention this..I recall looking at my sister and Lisa and , Im not joking, their mouths were hanging open in awe at the steamy hotness of these guys playing vollyball.. Sadly, Tom Cruise is a freak now..Dang he was hot in the movie LOL Go here and watch this video...Ladies, please try not to drool on your keyboard..It will short it.. lol