Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whats the ONE movie that you are embarrassed to admit you LOVED

OK.. We all have that one movie that we loved with all of our heart at one time or another..I will admit mine..This movie was my favorite movie when I was 12..I saw this at the Eastwood Mall theater..It was called "The Pirate Movie".. I was instantly in love with Christopher Atkins..I even bought the album!( thats a CD back in those days.. lol ) I listened to it EVERY morning while getting ready for school.. I loved it so much I wanted to be the character that Kristy MacNichol played.. Pathetic.. lol I would sit in my room and TRY to make my hair look like hers.. Weird.. lol My parents HATED that music..My mom said they would hear the record start in my room and say" Yo Ho Ho Goddam Ho" ROFL!! This is for my parents.. LOL I know you will enjoy!!!

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HEWY said...

Wow, I remember those songs but didnt know they were from that movie.