Monday, May 26, 2008

I Told Ya So!!!

I have to brag a bit..Not too terribly much..But I gotta say: Neener Neener Neener! I knew David Cook would win American Idol! HAHA I have to admit though, when David Archuleta sang his heart out on the last performance night, I was a bit worried..I was almost He sounded SO GREAT..I am such a huge DC fan that I felt that I was cheating on him by enjoying David Archuleta..Gotta give the boy PROPS!!! I have a feeling DA will have NO PROBLEM making a name for himself after American Idol.. I have to take this moment and congratulate David Cook on a job well done!

MY top 5 would have looked a little different, though..It would have been DA and DC but it would have also had Sayeesha Mercado, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson..My top 3 would have been DA,DC and Carly Smithson..I believe she had the best voice in the competition..Something keeps holding her back..I cant put my finger on it..Hubby thinks it is the tatoos..She is absolutely GORGEOUS when she gets fixed up but the tatoos DO tend to distract..When she covers them, she is flawless.. Maybe hubby is right.. She could DEFINATELY give Amy Lee of Evanescence a run for her money, vocally..Maybe if she took that heavier, edgier music route, she wouldnt have any problems..She definately has the voice of an American Idol, but thats not all the American Idol is..I was sad she was sent home..I was having flashbacks of Chris Daughtry.. LOL So, I was a little scared when she was sent home the week after Michael Johns was sent home..I was SO WORRIED DC was next! I am SO GLAD America FINALLY got it right, this season!

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