Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Hubby!

Today is my hubby and my anniversary! We have been married for 5 years! It doesnt feel like it is our anniversary because we have so much going on.. With graduation and all, we will be lucky to wish each other a happy anniversary.. haha But I wanted to take this moment on my blog to wish Steve a Happy Anniversary! I love you and all that other mushy stuff.. lol I have to share a funny story about our wedding day.. Steve and I got married at the courthouse in Jefferson County.. We had a female judge, Judge Vinson.. She was very nice.. Of course, Steve and I didnt realize that the day we made plans to be married, that his team, The South Carolina Gamecocks, would be playing in the SEC baseball tournament that same day.. Yall know how our family is about baseball.. And being that Steve rarely gets to see his team, we had to do some finagaling(Sp?) to make it to the game.. LOL
Yes, you read that right.. Our time to marry was at 1pm that afternoon.. South Carolina played at 1ish.. Steve thought if we got to the courthouse maybe an hour or so early, the judge might marry us early.. Well, she happen to be leaving for lunch when we caught her.. Her assistant ran and got her and told her that her 1 pm appointment was early and wanted to know if shed like to knock it out then.. She thought it was a great idea and married us then.. Immediately after she pronounced us Husband and Wife, Steve says while doing the "yes" gesture with his arm, "Great! NOW I can make the South Carolina Baseball Game!"
Judge Vinson rolled her eyes at him and said " How romantic" LOL Such is the life in my household.. We got it all in perspective.. Baseball first.. LOL


Leigh said...

Happy Anniversary to a hard core baseball widow.

I'll bet that he made it up by hitting a home run later. Lets just say he did.

Terri said...

Hey girl!

My anniversary was last weekend. We spent it in Baileyton and Eva (Cullman County) visiting cemeteries and the still-alive in-laws. Your's seems just as exciting~


Michelle said...

Leigh- Sadly, we went to Todd's baseball game that It was like any other day..It was pretty funny..I saw a friend of mine at the ballpark that night and said " Oh, BTW, I got MARRIED today" LOL

Terri-My anniversary was ok.. If you consider crying your eyes out because your kid and all the kids you worked with for 3 years at PHS were graduating..LOL Im not EVEN going to touch the cemetary thing..LOL