Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What the heck?

This is exactly what I said on Sunday when I finally got the butterfly bandages off my boob.. You may wonder why I said WHAT THE HECK? It is because I went in thinking I had a LUMPECTOMY.. Meaning a little area, about 1-1.5 inch incision, TOPS! I couldnt believe the GASH that was staring back at me in my bathroom mirror.. Mind you, taking off any bandage after this ONE DAY SURGERY was just about worse than the surgery,itself..When I took off the initial dressing, I kid you not, I had to go sit by the toilet because I thought I was going to puke..I never did.. But I was really hurting!!!
Ok.. so about the GASH.. It measured 3 inches.. Thats about 2x the size I was expecting.. NO WONDER I AM IN SO MUCH FRIGGIN PAIN!!!!!!!!! I saw the doctor yesterday for my post surgical visit..He said it was all healing ok but that I had some redness in the area and that he wanted me to take some antibiotics, just so infection wouldnt settle in.. INFECTION? UUGGHHHH.. So, Im taking antibiotics now..
I asked the doc why my incision was so big.. He told me that it was very deep and in order to get it all, they had to take a pretty big CHUNK out.. He told me that they removed a 9cm x 6cm x 3cm section.. I was wondering if I had any boob left.. I do.. But anyway, no wonder I feel like crap! I had a modified mastectomy almost! GEEZ!!!!! I am still hurting, BTW.. I am wondering when this will end... Hey, Atleast Im cancer free! I guess thats a positive I can look at!


Leigh said...

And we are all thankful for that. Prayers were answered.

HUGS! Hope you have a good REST of the day!!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Leigh! And thanks for the "inspiration" you gave me today..It is much appreciated! Hugs back!

Dullbert said...

hey who's gonna know about the scar anyway .. just fabricate some story about a shark attack it will impress all the guys throwing the mardi gras beads.... cancer free is a good thing !!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Dullbert- You NEVER cease to crack me up! How did you know I was going to need a cool story to tell all the drunk men at Mardi Gras this year? LOL But yes, cancer free is an awesome thing!