Friday, May 9, 2008


That was what the doctor said I needed to have done...I met a surgeon today at St. Vincents..He seems to be very aggressive in his treatment, which is something I appreciate! I really didnt care much for taking my shirt off for someone else today..Im not much for strippin these days.. lol..Anyway, the doc said he didnt feel any lump but he did give me the report that the radiologist gave him:

They saw an "area of suspicion" on the mammogram so they compared it to my baseline mammogram from 2.5 years ago..There was definately an area of suspicion..So, they wanted me to come back on Monday to have an ultrasound and if they couldnt see anything, they wanted me to have another mammogram..This time, they would compress the area of suspicion..Sometimes , the surgeon said, when they compress an area like that, the lump goes away..I had the ultrasound and it was inconclusive..So, off to the mammogram thingie.. I HATE THOSE THINGS!! Didnt feel too special, thats for sure! So much for making the lump dissipate by compression..It was still there.. It was oval shaped and about 1.5 cm in diameter..

So anyway, I am having a LUMPECTOMY on Tuesday..It is done on an outpatient basis..I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 and will have the lumpectomy at 11:30..WOOHOOO!!

I am more worried about getting an IV and having anesthesia administered..Im weird like that..I almost had a panic attack, thinking about having to be put to sleep.. uughhh..Oh well.. That too shall pass!!


Deedra said...

I will continue to pray for you Michelle and remember that if you need me to cover things for you at the store, I would be happy to help.

HEWY said...

We'll keep you in our prayers Michelle. Hopefully its just nothing serious.

Dullbert said...

Keep in mind these guys and girls specialize in scaring the #@%& out of people they are very "clincal". I've seen it to often they can't offer any opinion but more times than not it's nothing. It's your anxiety though and nothing anyone says will make it better until you get the clean bill of health. Good luck Tuesday !

Leigh said...

I am the biggest baby when it comes to needles and being out to sleep. YOu will be ok, and let them know that you are very anxious. They can give you somehting to take prior to coming or immediatley when you arrive tomorrow. Do tell them.
MIchelle, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Lets pray you through this, I want you to feel the strenght of those who are thinking of you. Focus on that, think postiv thoughts. Still, ther emay not be anything so focus on that right now.
Let me knwo if I can help you in any way!
I am praying for you my dear!
Love and HUgs,

Michelle said...

Deedra,Hewy,Dullbert and Leigh- Thanks so much for your friendship and support..It means alot..I am just dealing with this one day at a time.. I guess thats all we can do..It will more than likely be nothing..I am hoping for that..It is all the "what ifs" that get you..Especially since my mom had breast cancer in the same spot.. Thanks again! Your prayers and thoughts mean alot to me and are helping me through this!

Leigh said...

Thinking and am praying for you as I am off to bed. You are on my mind...Good Luck and let me hear from you.