Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Future Voice of Milo's?

Randall Nichols? I would sooo LOVE that! This guy is one heck of a singer and a guitarist! He is an awesome performer!! I had the pleasure of getting to know Randall during the Big Mountain Idol competition..I can tell you this much, Randall had my family's vote! My hubby told me that if he wasnt married to me, he would have voted for Randall ,instead of me,because Randall was a double threat..He could sing AND play..When I was voted out of the competition, all our votes went to Randall!
Randall has NOW been picked as one out of 15 to be voted on as the next voice of Milo's..Here is the scoop that Randall sent me in an email:
Milo's is looking for a new voice for their jingle and put out an open call to the locals. As many as 360 auditioned and the executives narrowed it down to 15 finalists. I have made my way into that group and now need all the help I can find to become the next Milo's Mega Star. Auditions will be aired on the local CBS affiliate, CBS42, this Thursday morning, May 22nd starting at 6AM and voting will open on their website immediately afterward ( Please vote early and as often as possible. The winner will be announced on June 2nd. The Grand Prize is a contract with Milos' agency to produce the new jingle and a $5000 cash prize.
I know I will be giving him my vote! Please everyone VOTE FOR RANDALL!! Milo'sMega Star!!!

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Leigh said...

Randall is certinaly talented. I enjoyed watching his performance when I would go and hear and cheer you on. I will tune in and I will vote. I hope he wins.

GO Randall!