Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Fav 13 Movies

Ok.. Leigh was asking about your favorite movies..My list pretty much is like Leighs..So I will add a few others..I have whittled my list down to my top 5 though..Five for Friday? lol Anyway, here they are :

1.Titanic with Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett..This is actually one of my favorite Dramatic movies of ALL TIME..I am kind of embarrassed to admit it..I am not joking..I watched this movie like 7 times IN THE THEATER! I couldnt get enough of that movie..It moved me so much! It wasnt so much the love story behind Jack and Rose, it was the whole idea of the Titanic and the fact that this was a true story..The Titanic, that is..Not Jack and Rose..I watched and read everything there was about this ill fated voyage..I can STILL watch the movie pretty much all the way through, even now.. And get choked up at the same part : the old couple hold each other close on the bed while their room fills up with water and the mom tells her babies a bedtime story while she is awaiting their death in the steerage class because some jerk wouldnt allow them through the gates..Bawled my eyes out in the theater..

2. The Lost Boys with all the hotties of the late 80s.. lol I LOVED this movie so much that I bought the CD..Actually it was one of the 1st cd's I ever owned.."Gonna have a good time tonight..Rock N Roll Music gonna play alright" I guess thats the lyrics..Im not a lyric person.. lol Anyway..My sister had the hots for Corey Haim..I liked Jason Patric and my best friend Lisa liked Keifer Sutherland..Whooda thunkit that Keifer would be a very well known actor even NOW.. This past Halloween, I made my middle son and his friends watch this movie..They were all watching all those stupid current horror movies so I made them watch this CLASSIC.. lol They actually liked it..There has never been a pack of Vampires as cool as these guys.. hehe And dangit if Jason Patric didnt look JUST LIKE Jim Morrison.. Sadly, my kids had NO IDEA who that was.. lol

3. For Keeps with Molly Ringwald..This was one cute little movie..It was about a high school honor student (Molly Ringwald) who ends up pregnant. The father is an equally smart boy who has dreams of going to Cal Tech and becoming something smart.. lol Both sides of the family has plans for the kids and things get pushed to the side once they find out they are pregnant..One of my favorite scenes was when the teens knew she was pregnant but no one else did..They were all sitting around the table at Thanksgiving, both families.. They were all having small talk when Molly Ringwald announces " Im PREGNANT..Can you pass the turnips?" The looks on the parents faces alone were hysterical.. Of course, this movie really makes me nervous now, as a parent of teenagers..But back then, I didnt veiw it that way..

4. Sister Act 2 with Whoopi Goldberg as Sister Mary Clarence..This is also one of my hubby's favorite movies..It is just one heck of a feel good movie..And watching those nuns cracked me up! Kathy Najimy was HILARIOUS as Sister Mary Patrick..A pre-Fugees Lauryn Hill was AMA-ZA-ZING singing..She brought tears to my eyes when she sang "Eye On The Sparrow" acapella.. Favorite quote? "Go with God, Chrispy.." hehe If you know this movie, you will understand..

5. Spaceballs with Mel Brooks, Daphne Zuniga, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, etc....This is, I hate to admit, my all time most favorite funny movie..It is absolutely the STUPIDIST movie ever made..I LOVED all the Star Wars movies..I am a Star Wars Movie trivia freak.. My hubby once told someone how weird it was that I knew so much about Star Wars, being that I was a girl and all.. LOL But anyway, back to Spaceballs.. I cannot even begin to tell you my favorite parts because the whole movie is my favorite part.. lol Go to YouTube and watch all the tidbits from the movie..I did this one day in my store.. I was Laughing Out Loud FOR REAL! lol Fav quote: Dark Helmet( Darth Vader,Rick Moranis) is told that Yogurt(Yoda, Mel Brooks) is in the vicinity..He says "Yogurt? I HATE Yogurt! Even with strawberries!" I told you it was stupid humor.. lol
**HONORABLE MENTION: Top Gun with Tom Cruise,Val Kilmer,Dr Green from Er,etc..I had to add this one because of all the hot guys in it.. LOL I remember watching this movie in the theater with my sister and Lisa..The vollyball scene alone is reason to mention this..I recall looking at my sister and Lisa and , Im not joking, their mouths were hanging open in awe at the steamy hotness of these guys playing vollyball.. Sadly, Tom Cruise is a freak now..Dang he was hot in the movie LOL Go here and watch this video...Ladies, please try not to drool on your keyboard..It will short it.. lol


Leigh said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE that I DID NOT ADD LOST BOYS to my list. As a kid I was obsessed with "monster movies" and this one with all the "it "guys was tops with me. I so wanted to be Jamie Gertz. Even today I have a skirt like th eone she wore, that bohemian thing with the sequins. So cool.
AWESOME movie. Glad you added this one.

Michelle said...

I LOVED her hair in that movie!!! I wanted it soooo bad! I have permed my hair to death to get it to look that way..Sadly, it never did!