Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!! I am FINALLY starting to feel like MICHELLE again..Yesterday was the first day since my lumpectomy/mini-mastectomy that I FORGOT to take a pain pill!! That is how I know I will NEVER become addicted to pain meds..I have always done that..I take them like I am supposed to, for the most part..I try to be macho and limit them some because I dont even like taking ALEVE, unless Im DYIN! So, for me to take a pain pill, Im in MAJOR PAIN!!!
Anyway, I realized at 10 pm last night that I hadnt taken ANYTHING all day long..This is when having ADD comes in handy,I guess..HAHA I was so NOT FOCUSED that I didnt realize I was in pain..LOL Actually, the past few days I have noticed I only need pain meds LATER in the day..Im ok until around 3..Well, yesterday I didnt even need them at 3!! I guess that means Im almost healed! About time! Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery...Hallelujah!!! Im looking forward to getting back in the gym and working out! My goal is to start back the Monday after we get back from Orange Beach..(after next week) We are leaving this Saturday and not coming back until the following Saturday..WOOHHOOOOOOO!! Ill talk more about that later..


Dee said...

Hey, I am glad you are feeling better! I know you are looking forward to going to the beach...I am jealous! We are going to Vegas next week but I still like the beach better. I have not worked out in over a week because I hurt my neck and back. I have been seeing a chiropractor but I am beginning to think that he is doing more harm than good. Tonight is my last weigh in for Slim Down and I am sort of glad its over...too much pressure!
See ya,

Michelle said...

I remember how stressed out that Slim Down Challenge made me! Especially when I went 6 weeks without a single pound weight loss..I was sooo upset! Considering I was ONLY eating 1200 calories and working out a total of about 90 minutes 5 days a week!! You would have thought I would be losing 5 pounds a week at that rate!!

Leigh said...

I am glad you are going to get away. I know that you can use the break! I am soooooo glad you are feeling better. I have had you on my mind. Have a great trip! I cant wait to hear about all of your fun!

Michelle said...

Leigh- I am glad too! I am going to post some pictures of this condo we are staying at today..We leave Saturday and wont come back til the following Saturday.. I am making sure I bring my camera this time.. lol Of course, there will be no pictures of me from the chest down.. LOL