Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can Darvocet Give You a Hangover?

Thats exactly how I am feeling today..My eyes are seeing images that are small, as if I had to wear glasses..Im sure this will pass...I guess it is a side affect from the anethesia..I swear I slept all day yestrday, after I got home..One time I woke up, thinking it was maybe 5:00 at the latest..Until my hubby and kids made fun of me for being so "TANKED" LOL..The time was actually 7 pm.. You know how much I LOVE american Idol and I couldnt sty awake even for that..

The doc gave me some pain pills..I am trying to not take them but I have to at this point..I get so sleepy and loopy on them..Just when I think I am feeling ok and try to lift something, thats when I get that sharp pain..I can actually feel, under the dressing, the place where they took the "Area of Suspicion" (AKA - AOS)out..I get to remove the dressing today..I had to come into work at my store, but I really think it is a good thing..Im not sitting around at home, worrying about the AOS being cancerous..There is a huge chance it wont be cancer..But you never know! Im trying to be positive..Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this..


Deedra said...

I can't believe you went to work today!! I am glad the surgery went well and am sending positive thoughts your way!

Leigh said...

I am with Deedra! Take a break girl. The store will still be there.
I have something for you. I will get it to you when I return.
I am praying!

Michelle said...

Deedra and Leigh- Yall are so sweet to me! As for coming in to work, all I did was sit there and surf the web or sit in the recliner and sleep..My youngest son, Todd stayed home from school to help me out..By the time Steve got to the store, I was exhausted..I fell asleep in recliner and when someone would come in Steve would say " Dont mind her, she had surgery yesterday" lol