Friday, May 2, 2008


This is one of the funniest comedy shows I have ever seen..Ellen Degeneres is so talented and really good at mimicking how people act..Her comedy is so much about life and how we all react in it..

This show was done back in 2003, I think..She was no longer the bitter "coming out of the closet" Ellen that we saw in her comedy show called "The Beginning".. I guess she chilled out and just decided to go back to the Ellen we all knew and loved before her show became such a political stand..I loved her show, back in the day..

Ellen is truly a gifted comic..I loved her in Finding Nemo.. And she was just a voice.. Her book she wrote a couple of years ago was funny too..I am not much of a book reader..But I couldnt put it down!! Anyway, this is a snippet from the comedy show.. Enjoy!


Leigh said...

Ellen is very talented AND funny-AND SHE LOVES TO DANCE!

Michelle said...

She is hilarious..I love it when she just dances on her show.. No talking..She just dances.. Shes so cute!