Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long time - no post!

Sorry ya'll.. I have been so busy with baseball and the store that I havent posted in like a week! I guess no news is good news right? haha I joined the YMCA and the next day, my whole family got sick.. I was never fully sick, but I was exhausted.. FINALLY I started working out this week.. I got to do a Spin class today and I realized how much I missed that class! It is so relaxing to me.. I dont know why it is.. I just come out of that class so "centered" and calm... It really helps my day go by smoother.. I am planning on doing this class 3-4 times a week from now on! I hope to have some extra weight loss with it, as well..

Today, I enrolled in a research study on weight loss.. I am hoping it will help me lose more! I will keep a log of it on here, Im sure.. :)

I have been so busy that I cannot keep up with all the reality shows, either! I will say this though, that little David Archaletta can SINGGGGGGGGGG! He brought tears to my eyes last night singing " Imagine".. He made it his OWN song.. It was brilliant.. I am seeing a future star in the making.. Im pretty good at this.. I predicted Carrie Underwood..I missed it on Chris Daughtry though ( who should have won BTW ) :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jam Session!

All 3 boys got guitars for Christmas this year.. Whit got an acoustic, Tyler got a bass and Todd got an electric ( the one he was "playing" in the earlier post video). These boys have had these guitars less than 2 months and they are already playing REAL SONGS! Tyler has really gotten good at the bass and really looks the part! Whit has learned how to sing and play at the same time.. NOT AN EASY FEAT!! I am so proud of them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Im sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

Uuuuggghhhhhhhhhhh! I am so sick of not feeling well! Last Friday night while we were all out to eat at Hooters's, Hubby had a major stomach attack that lasted 3 days.. He was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E! He ran a fever for 3 days of 100-101 too.. I feel crappy too but not as bad as he is..I have developed a cough and headache and mild nausea..Unfortunately, the nausea isnt strong enough to deter me from food.. OF COURSE~~ :) I swear it seems like everytime I join a gym and try to get back on track, I get sick! Doesnt help that baseball games have been late this week too.. I want to know what idiot thought it was appropriate to have middle schoolers START a game AFTER 7 pm and MAKE THEM play a FULL 5 innings? AND THEN have to drive 40 miles ONE WAY to get back from the game? Ugghh... And you wonder why I feel like crap! I hope this all ends soon! I cannot be THIS HAPPY all the time! :D

Friday, February 15, 2008

80s Hair TO THE MAX!!!

I found these pictures last night when I was looking at my "memory book" from my senior year of high school.. I guess when your own child is going through their senior year, you tend to reminesce? Well, anyway, I found these hilarious 80s hair pictures..One was from my senior homecoming..You cant even see the poor guy behind me because my hair is so high! And I couldnt even put my friend Amye's whole picture on here because her hair was so high.. Talk about high hair! Amye DEFINATELY had the 80s hair thing going on! The other picture was from my cousin Kristy's wedding..Her hair alone screams 1987! Looks like she should be singing BARRACUDA or something like that by Heart! haha I was SO THIN!! Whats sad is I thought I was a cow! Sad!! Here is my ode to the 80's hair! I went through a can of hairspray a week.. My dad used to say that if the wind blew too hard it wouldnt move my hair but it would just blow my head clean off! HAHA Im so glad I had boys... :)

Big Brother 9

Ok..I finally got caught up with Big Brother last night..Thank goodness for DVR..I have NO IDEA what we did before it? Oh yeah, we missed shows.. haha Anyway, hubby and I watched the show from Wednesday and also fast forwarded through alot of the "BB After Dark" show on Cinemax..When BB 8 was on Showtime, I stayed up late almost every night watching atleast an hour of it..Of course, that was BEFORE we owned a business! I gotta have my ZZZZZ's now! We watched the whole 3 hour show in like 45 minutes.. I am trying to figure this show out.. The After Dark is a live feed thats coming from the house..The first episodes were taped ahead of time..So it goes like this: The twist with BB9 is that the houseguests are paired with their seemingly "soulmates" based on profile tests that they took prior to coming into the house..They have to work as a couple, sleep as a couple and be voted off as a couple..This makes me wonder if the show will last the normal 3 months or not? Who knows.. But I am having a really hard time juggling this show with American Idol! This is my SUMMER show.. Not my Spring Show..haha

A few twists added to the twist are : a couple that dated for 12 years (Jacob and Sharon) and broke up because he cheated on her are paired up and another SECRET couple (Ryan and Jen) who are paired up with 2 other people..First week, the "power couple" is Jen and Parker..They get to send home one couple..

Now, if you saw BB8, you know how it ended, the people that knew each other the longest survived(Eval Dick and Danielle Donato) ..They put aside their differences and worked TOGETHER to win the show..Well, I expected this also from Sharon and Jacob..Sadly, it didnt happen..Jacob ran his mouth about Parker and Jen, Parker's "soulmate" heard it and told Parker..Parker called everyone out on it, to find out who the real culprit was..No one fessed up and so Jacob was left looking like the fool..Sharon, Jacob's ex and soulmate went to Parker and tried to smooth things over and tried convincing him that Ryan(Jen's real boyfriend) was the one who was running his mouth about him..Well, that all backfired when Jen decided to tell Parker about their relationship..She was doing this to save Ryan because Parker was ready to send Ryan and Allison(Ryans "soulmate") home..Ryan was a little preturbed that Jen told Parker so he said that they needed to tell Allison..This is where the drama starts..

I am female and I know how this works: When they informed Allison, she wasnt happy ONE BIT.. And we all know why.. She wasnt upset because she felt like she was at a disadvantage because of Jen and Ryan's relationship..She was just plain ol pissed because she was digging Ryan and wanted to hook up with him.. PLAIN AND SIMPLY PUT! I figured that out before it was obvious! Hubby made a comment about that after the convos took place.. Duh..Women are hateful like that.. Anyway, I knew its a matter of time before Allison let everyone know about their alliance.. Girls like her are the reason I didnt have alot of female friends as a teenager.. uughhh.. Anyway, in the end, Parker and Jen ended up sending home Jacob and Sharon..The new HOH are Alex and Amanda..No drama yet..They are all new.. Im sure it is to come..

Ok.. watching the BB9 After Dark from Wednesday night, it was very different..I was quite confused..I watched Sharon leave with her ex, Jacob but then I saw Sharon on the show..I was very confused until they said that she was brought back and that Neil ( he was paird up with a guy, im assuming they are gay) was sent home.. OKKKAAAYYYY.. Confusion! SO anyway, Sharon is back and from what we could gather, she is MOUTHY.. Oh and the truth behind Jen and Ryan is now out in the open.. Everyone knows and they are not happy.. The common theme is the other houseguests miss their family and friends but Jen and Ryan have each other.. Kind of reminds me of James and his girlfriend in Season 6..That was one of the best seasons, next to the All Stars!

I am done with this update for now..I will try to make sense of all of this over the weekend.. haha

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is That The Waterboy?

Is that The Waterboy? No..Its my middle son, Tyler.. hehe.. This picture just cracks me up..I had to put it on here! Tyler makes that face and talks JUST LIKE Adam Sandler does in the movie The Waterboy..Its kinda scary! Just look at how much they look alike.. Im wonderin if we are kin....ha

American Idol Top 24!

Its official folks! We have our top 24.. Alot of people that I thought deserved it are there! I am still hurting from the girl from Philadelphia that had the special needs daughter not making it! Maybe next year? I am just excited as can be about the Irish girl and the Aussie guy.. I am sure they will be household names in the coming weeks and I wont have to call them that.. haha I remember when Chris Daughtry was at this point.. We didnt know his name either.. My oldest son just kept calling him "his boy" haha.. My hubby made an interesting point last night: There are NO hot chicks to root for.. I think we might have missed them.. They focussed on certain ones.. I will say this: Ladies, we got a hottie to root for.. Aussie guy is very hot! Kinda Dane Cook hot.. Not like model hot, just typical dude hot..Hubby is hotter though.. :)

And you know I am going to make my comment on Josiah ..( yes, his name has not escaped me because he was on the show constantly! Why Im not sure) I am SO GLAD that they kicked him off.. I swear he is bi polar or something.. Watching him.. He was all sweet and stuff and then would start bawling and then say he was fine.. But my gosh, he sure loved the camera! Im surprised they didnt get a close up to catch the snot in his nose.. sheesh.. I truly feel that this kid was not as sweet and wonderful as he made himself out to be.. Im not saying he is like a psycho but what 17/18 year old kid LEAVES HOME to persue a musical dream?(in this day and age) And then to think that you are so great that you didnt need a back up band and sing the "last chance" song to make it to the Top 24? Oh and the comments that he just knew they would pick him to be in the top 24 were based on what? Does this kid watch American Idol? Oh, I forgot.. He lives in his car.. I severely doubt that story.. JMO , of course.. But how does he keep up with his My Space that shows all his music? Sounds fishy to me..
I personally think that during the Hollywood week, that people dont need to have it held against them if they forget the words.. I understand the make em or break em attitude.. But I have seen some really great people let go because they forgot the words.. Geez.. I am sure I would have been let go too.. I STILL need the words to songs when I am singing!
And one more thing..Whats up with these kids putting all their eggs in one basket? This is something that gets to me when they show people that are voted out by RP&S..That guy, the one that said " Well, I have NO IDEA what Im going to do NOW" Like being on American Idol was the end all, be all of their existance.. I know KIDS tend to think like this.. Someone needs to give them a dose of reality!!! Please dont limit yourself.. Always have a Plan B!! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! And please dont make a fool of yourself on national TV!!! :)

First Things First!

I have my usual comments I need to make about American Idol but First Things First! I woke up this morning feeling like a blob.. I think I have a sinus thingie starting so my head just ached..I put on my jeans and I felt soooooooo grosssssssssss..I wanted to cry my eyes out I felt that bad.. Head hurting definately didnt help! I decided that what I NEEDED was a gym membership.. Hubby and I have been talking about joining a gym but are in the decision making process..I actually toured a new Golds Gym yesterday but my god, if I didnt join at that precise moment, I would NEVER get the deal the little jackass was offering.. Of course, this was the same guy I spoke to a month ago that quoted me the same price and told me the same thing about if I didnt come in that day that I would have to pay more.. He must think I am stupid.. Um the monthly dues were $108 FOR A FAMILY! I dont think so!!!! What a dork! So I went to my old faithful, YMCA and spoke to the memberships people and I got my info I needed.. This morning when I woke up, I decided it was TIME! I joined the YMCA and this morning I walked 1.20 miles and jogged a bit too.. It felt good.. Head still hurts but atleast now I feel like I am taking a step in the right direction now.. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

This is the weirdest video I have ever seen of my kid! I had to put this on my blog because of a friend of mine..She thought this was the FUNNIEST video of Todd.. He had this on his MySpace but I made him take it off.. I will put it on my blog now.. haha Im SO CONSISTENT.. :) You can thank Guitar Hero and Rock Band for making my children think that they can actually play the guitar like the real guys.. Geez..Todd is missing his calling- He needs to be an actor!! :)

American Idol!!

Hollywood was VERY interesting! I have to say, I was NOT happy that the girl with the special needs daughter from Philadelphia was sent home..BUT..She sounded a little differently on the stage in Hollywood than she did in Philly...And what the heck is that kid that lives in his car all about? Geez..I DO NOT LIKE THIS KID!! I think hes a "poser"..My family is split about this dude..My oldest and I both agree that we dont like him..It isnt about his sound..He has a "unique" sound..Thing is, he is COPYING someone else's sound..Trying to make it seem like "his"..And OMG, when he talks , he is faking that English accent at times too..VERY reminiscent of Britney Spears before she was put in the hospital and deemed "gravely disabled"..It gets on my nerves when he talks..I am embarrassed for him! My hubby thinks I am being too hard on him but I am serious..There is something VERY WEIRD about him..I think he is ALL SHOW..Especially since he thought he was SO GOOD that he didnt NEED the band or the background singers and then BARFED out "Stand By Me" with his little poser voice..Im sorry..Maybe I AM a little too hard on him but he is just NOT what I would even CONSIDER listening to..And MY GOD STOP THE CRYING!! He is about 2 steps away from becoming a Saturday Night Live Skit..

Note to all future American Idol prospects that make it to Hollywood: SING SONGS THAT SOUND THE BEST WITH YOUR VOICE!! I felt really awful for that little "Abstinance Girl"..She was cute and she had the pipes..She WAS very young though..She could come back next year and wow the judges..Her major mistake? Actually trusting someone who didnt make it to the next level to be her COACH..I sure hope that she didnt PAY this chick for her advice..If she did, she got robbed..Who IN THE WORLD would sing a song that they dont know as a "LAST CHANCE"? Hello...YOU ARE SINGING FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Thats where you pull out your VERY BEST material!! But, I guess if she had made it on the show, she would have continually picked the wrong songs..I hope she takes this as a lesson learned and stop listening to other people and do her OWN THING.. It got her there in the first place!

My final critique is for the pageant queen..All I gotta say is this: It is about time someone told that girl NO! Dont get me wrong..She has a great voice..She really did..She picked THE WRONG SONG to sing for her life with ( a common issue it seemed for the night) and then when Paula was "on the fence" about her, she practically badgered her to send her on to the next level..She might has well just said " Cmon, Paula, be cool like EVERYONE ELSE and send me to the next level" And her little " I just wished I could have gotten a fair chance" comment she made was absolutely RIDICULOUS!!Isnt that what they just LET HER DO? WAH WAH WAH go cry into your little crown chickypoo..Good Riddance! I am SO PROUD of Paula sticking to her guns and just saying no to this girl! I got 2 words for you if this girl would have made it through : KELLY PICKLER..Difference here is Kelly Pickler was AT LEAST funny.. This girl was ANNOYING! JMO!

My favs? The Aussie guy that sang Queen..MY GOSH HIS VOICE......I am feeling the same "vibe" I got while watching Chris Daughtry..And I REALLY loved the 16 year old boy..He sang that Bryan Adams song "Heaven" and sang it VERY WELL, I might add! The Irish girl that sang Heart's "Alone" was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I think her main problem is she was suffering from a bad experience from before and was scared to death things werent going to work out , like before..This girl is a natural and her voice is SO PURE and REAL! OMG, could you imagine a duet between her and Aussie guy? Im getting goosebumps thinking about it!! I totally look forward to them making it to the top 10..Along with the 16 year old..Those are 3 of my predictions..Of course, I am never right about these things! HAHA

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bittersweet Time in My Life..

This good looking young man is my oldest, who is a SENIOR..These are his senior portraits..This is a bittersweet time for me..I am happy as I can be for him..He is graduating in May..I am also sad as can be for ME because he is graduating in May..It seems like YESTERDAY he was running around saying" Mommy, watch this" and "Mommy, I love you".. Now he is about to embark on a new world.. Excuse me while I get the tissue :*(.. Like I said, BITTERSWEET!

Heck, it seems like yesterday *I* was graduating from high school.. This is actually my 20th year reunion year..I am a member of the John Carroll Class of 1988!! UGGHH excuse me while I go take some Geritol! HA :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Sister!

This is a picture of my sister back in 1993..Love the hair and make up! Her hair was sooo beautiful! Still is but back then, it looked like corn silk..It was so straight and blonde.. Of course, it was curled like mad for this picture..And theamount of hairspray she used was enormous! Probably could have held a small village of kids in China's hair! :)
When she was in high school, my oldest son was a toddler and he would see Cosmopolitan Magazines and yell "NaNa!!!!" Thats what my kids call my sister.. That was so cute! Talk about the ULTIMATE compliment! Of course, she will not allow any RECENT pictures of herself on this blog so this is all you get! By the way, I did her make up for this picture..She looked so pretty!

MEME Friday!!!

Tired of those same old 55 questions about me surveys? Yes! Well here are 55 I guarantee you've never answered. (Or so they say!)

1. Are you taller than your best friend? yes..
2. Do you have a favorite type of pen? um no? lol
3. Look at your planner for March 7th, what will you be doing? Its the day after my moms birthday.. I am sure I will be at work and or going to some baseball game somewhere for one of my sons!
4. What color are your toe nails usually? red or pink
5. What was the last thing you highlighted? prices!
6. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?I have wooden blinds.
7. What color are the seats in your vehicle? grey leather and in the Mustang they are tan leather
8. Have you ever had a black and white cat?yes.. I have a pure black cat right now..
9. What is the last thing you put a stamp on? a bill grrrr. Atleast its PAID!
10. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming? NOPE
11. Why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time?We went to a football game for one of my sons, I think..
12. Who is the last baby that you held? My friend Nikki's darling little girl, Rebecca!
13. Can you spell well? Yes..My parents used to ask ME how to spell something, when I was a kid!
14. Do you like Cinnamon toothpaste? YUCK!!
15. What kind of car were you driving 2 years ago?Ford Expedition and Ford Mustang
16. Pick one: Miami Hurricanes or Florida Gators: GATORS
17. Last time you went to Six Flags?about 8 years ago, with my 2 oldest sons, for a birthday party for one of his friends..THAT was interesting.. Sadly, I taught one of his friends NEW Vocabulary he shouldnt use on the Viper!
18. Do you have any wallpaper in your house? no
19. Closest thing to you that is yellow? baby outfit thats just SCREAMING for me to put it in the computer at work!
20. Last person you gave a business card to? Someone that came into my store..
21. Who is the last person you wrote a check to? Helena City News
22. Closest framed picture to you? a picture taken of all 3 of my boys when I lived in Homewood..They were actually sitting on top of the toilet in my bathroom..It was the perfect height to get a picture of all 3..
23. Last time you had someone cook for you? Steve, about 2 weeks ago..
25. How many emails do you get in your inbox daily (excluding spam)?5
26. Last time you received flowers? when my middle son Tyler picked them from a neighbors yard, when he was like 3..haha
28. Do you play air guitar? duh
29. Has anyone ever proposed to you? well sort of..Steve just said " When we get married.." hehe
30. Do you take anything in your coffee? Splenda and creamer
31. Do you own any Willow Tree figurines? Whats that?
32. What is/was your high school's mascot? a gay man on a horse! (John Carroll Cavaliers)
33. Last person you spoke to from high school? Paul Schifanella
34. Last time you used hand sanitizer? I dont like that stuff, it always burns my hands..Im sensitive!
35. Would you like to learn to play the drums? tried to..I am sooooo not coordinated enough!
36. What color are the blinds in your living room? White
38. Last thing you read in the newspaper? Natalee Holloway saga
39. What was the last pageant you attended?never been to one! But I do sell the dresses.. haha
40.Where is the last place you bought pizza from? Fraydos yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
41. Have you ever worn a crown? yeah, the one my sister won when she got "Queen of Hearts " when she was in high school.. We all wore it, took turns and then took pictures.. My dad looked HILARIOUS!
42. What is the last thing you stapled? probably a flyer for the store
43. Did you ever drink clear Pepsi? no
44. Are you ticklish? not really..
45. Last time you saw fireworks? HEARD some on New Years Eve
46. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut? I try not to remember those things!!
47. Last person that IMed you, and you actually responded? Dont have it?
.48. Last time you parked under a carport? Last time I went to St. Vincents
49. Do you have a black dog? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dogs dont like me
51. Are you an aunt or uncle? depending on my mood, I can be both.. haha I am an aunt..I have a neice and a nephew on my side and 2 neices and 3 nephews on my husbands side...
52. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of? RJ McCall.. my god that kid has eyelashes that should be OUTLAWED!!!
53. Last time you saw a semi truck? yesterday
54. What is the last song you belted out in the car? WANTED DEAD OR ALIVEEEEE gotta love Bon Jovi!
55. Do you have a little black dress? used to..


I am freaking out at how much Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, looks like her mama!!! We all remember the day little Lourdes was born..I remember an announcement was made on the tv..That was back when Madonna was like J.Lo now.. haha Every minute of her pregnancy and every picture possible was taken of her pregnant back in those days..There was no where near the frenzy when she had her youngest son..This is my ode to the major music influence in my formidable teen years- Madonna!! :)


Wow! I have been very busy this week doing absolutely nothing, it feels like! I have had something to do every morning before I go into the store and have had no time for anything else, even going to the grocery store! My cat that I have a picture on this blog of disappeared last Friday..He is a boy and he hasnt been neutered yet so I was expecting him to be gone for a few days..We were planning on neutering him the next few weeks.. ANYWAY, this cat appears after 4 days limping on 3 legs..I guess he got into a fight with another boy cat.. He was so pitiful! Well, now I have to take him to the vet and have him looked at..This morning he looked so skinny..I guess he is sick now.. I will let you know how things go..

UPDATE: ok..He was indeed in a fight and he had been bit several times in his back leg..Hence the hopping on one leg..He had swelling down to the joint..Of course, the vet had to take an XRAY to make sure that it wasnt broken..Anyway, to the tune of $277, he is now on his way home.. I think its highway robbery!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I cannot believe this show is on! My husband and I were just flipping through the channels last night, waiting for the 20/20 thing on Natalee Holloway to come on and we just happen to see "Paradise Hotel 2" on My Network TV channel, which is channel 2 on Charter Cable..I didnt even know this channel existed..From what I gathered, this is a sister station to Fox and that Fox couldnt run the show on Fox because no one wanted to advertise on it..I can imagine why..If you think about the idea behind the show..It isnt a very "proper" show and you definately dont want your impressionable young preteen or early teenage daughters to watch this.. Or son for that matter..

The show is basically about 11 single people who are put together in a luxury hotel..They pick a "room mate" who is of the opposite sex..All the people there have a partner except for one person..They have to have a room all by themself that week..By the end of the week, they have to have secured a room mate or go home..If they have, then someone else will be sent home..And then a new person is sent in their place..(I am trying to still figure out why having a room ALL BY YOURSELF is bad.. haha I guess it is because they dont have the "edge" in having a "partner". ) The room mates not only share a room but become "partners" in trying to win the final prize which is 250K..They have the option of splitting it with their partner or keeping it all if their couple wins..In Paradise Hotel 1, the 2 couples that won, one shared and the other couple didnt..The hot girl used the dorky guy to help her win and then didnt even give him a red cent! Talk about great Reality Television drama! The dorky guy made that show! It was priceless!

My take on this new Paradise Hotel? IT SUCKS!! I definately wont be wasting my time with this show, unless there is NOTHING ELSE ON and I need to watch tv..Seriously..There are NO HOT GUYS and the girls are just ok..But nothing to drool over for the guys..The guys are all goofy looking and they all seem to have this overconfidence that they shouldnt have! One guy was like " If you weigh over 250 pounds, I wont even look your way..If you look like BARBIE, you will definately get my attention" What a dweeb..Yeah..This is NOT worth my time.. Once the Natalee Holloway thing started on 20/20 I forgot this show was even on for another 30 minutes..This is kind of like "Beauty and the Geek" First season was HILARIOUS!! But the second season didnt live up to first season..Girls werent "beauties" and the geeks looked like normal guys..B-O-R-I-N-G !!!People, if a major network cannot get advertisers in for the show, I would say its a NO GO..There is a reason the advertisers dont wanna fork out the money for it..IT SUCKS!! JMHO :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

You Seen This Kid Before on TV?

This is 2 pictures taken from the show "Country Fried Home Videos" on CMT.. Isnt that little boy cute? This was on the season premiere back in July..The name of the show was "Youve Got Males"..The gyst of the show was videos about men or men in training doing silly and sometimes funny things..This happened to be a video about a little 2 year old boy that hit a golf ball into a regualtion size basketball goal, not once, BUT TWICE!!!! This is my nephew, Will! We were so excited! I remember the day he did this..My mother was taping him to show someone how good his swing was, he is gonna be Tiger Woods one day, I tell ya! Anyway, He set up to hit the golfball and it went into the basketball goal..So my mom said " Do it again" and Will did it AGAIN! If you have seen the show, you can see how excited he was! This was about 5 1/2 years ago.. He has grown so much! I want to get a video of him doing this and put it on my blog..


I have talked before about my love for the special needs community..This man is the reason I am this way..This is my goofy yet loveable brother, Jimbo..He is 36 years old and autistic. Jimbo is nonverbal, meaning he cannot verbalize. he can communicate with sounds that may sound close to what hes trying to say but thats about it..Growing up, I thought everyone had a brother like Jimbo..I remeber telling some boy about my brother..I was about 7 or 8..I said " my brother is autistic." He asked " So, does he DRAW really well?" I remember thinking.. um no stupid, hes AUtistic..Not ARtistic..Geez.. Dont you understand? But most people growing up didnt understand.. Some tried to but others thought he was just WEIRD..Well, to be honest , he WAS.. lol I am saying that as a sister who loves him could.. He would be "Jimbo" around us but when he got around his peers, hed become very nervous and just look weird..Id look at him and say " Jimbo, stop acting autistic" lol..Some people would say I was mean to him.. I was just treating him like any sister would treat her brother..He was just autistic.. I dont know how that would make any difference how he should be treated? Like I said, I thought everyone had a brother like him..

He was THE CUTEST little boy..I remember him being so small that I could "fireman's carry" him over my shoulder..Geez.. Those days are LONG GONE!! Hes about 6'2 now..I dont think I will be carrying him over my shoulder anymore! As if hed let me now.. He has developed an interesting personality to tell ya the truth! Growing up, Jimbo was a neat kid.. He always knew JUST WHEN to scratch his butt, pick his nose or come out of the bathroom PULLING HIS PANTS up when it would embarrass me the most..Usually it was when I was around friends or out in public.. My mother says she remembers very well us in Food World ( we all went as a family on Friday nights, after wed go out to eat, you know, Friday nite thing!) and my brother was picking his nose, as most people do when their nose is bothering him..Difference is , we all do it in hiding.. My brother didnt care who saw him.. He was autistic! That gave him special priviliges! Anyway, I SHREIKED "JIMBO! Stop picking your nose! This isnt an AUBURN FOOTBALL GAME!".. HAHA..I grew up an Alabama Fan.. My poor mother.. I can imagine the embarrassment we ALL caused her..

I have many fond memories of Jimbo..I remember spiking his hair and turning his collar up on his ACID WASHED jean jacket and driving him around the city BLARING Motley Crue out of the car..Hey, we ARE children of the 80s yanno..Jimbo still gets a smile on his face when we hear a Motley Crue song! He always knew I had his back..He trusted me.. When he was 18, he went to this school called " Allen Cott"..I ended up getting a job there aa a Teachers Aide, working with the really young kids..Id go visit Jimbo in his classroom..Seems his teachers had the same attitude with him as I did and everytime Id come in the room , theyd say "Hey, Jimbo, Look! Its your STUPID SISTER" And they would use sign language for STUPID SISTER..It was SOOOO FUNNY! My brother would sign and say "STUPID SISTER" along with them too..He loved being able to pick on me..Guess it all came full circle..:)

My middle son, Tyler, who is NOT autistic reminds me of Jimbo..Of course he doesnt do autistic things like Jimbo because he isnt.. He sounds JUST LIKE Jimbo..Jimbo does this little laugh that lets you know he thinks something is funny..Tyler sounds EXACTLY like him..One day, I told him to do it for my mom and sister and I didnt say anything thing..They freaked out at how much he sounded like Jimbo..Now we make Tyler do his imitation.. Poor guy.. Anyway, I am sure I will have more Jimbo Stories..I thought Id start it out with this.. :)


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Friday, February 1, 2008

Britney's Sad, Sad, Saga..

This morning on TMZ (yes, I read AND watch this rag.. lol) I read that Britney Spears was classified as "gravely disabled"..Gravely disabled is defined as " a person, as a result of MENTAL ILLNESS, is in danger of serious physical harm due to the persons inability to provide for any of his/her basic needs..In the past few months, we have watched this awful story unfold..Sadly, it is like watching a train wreck..You see it happening and you think you should just mind your own business but instead you just keep on watching to see who gets hurt..I guess it is human nature..Sadly, it is Britney's babies that are getting hurt, and Britney too..

I figured out she had mental problems about a year or so ago..They showed an old interview of her , she was maybe 18 or so, and she seemed so "lucid", meaning she seemed like a typical teenager.. She said "like" alot and she was making sense..Then they showed a recent interview and she was very strange..If anyone saw the interview she gave when she was pregnant, that should pretty much tell the whole tale.. She looked very "lost"..I saw a video of her on TMZ where she was speaking with a "British Accent".. I almost worry that this poor girl has multiple personalities..Dealing with the paparazzi will indeed induce a form of "survival" in its own form, I am sure..According to the DSM-IV, bipolar disorder is "characterized by one or more Major Depressive Episodes accompanied by at least one Hypomanic Episode." Meaning they have very high highs and very low lows in their moods.. EXTREME mood swings..When they are "High" they experience delusions of grandeur, thinking they are more important than they really are..The disorder also manifests itself in the late teens to early 20s..Explains why she has changed so much , since she was a kid..

To be honest, I think that Britney has had this disorder for a while now and the paparazzi FED into this..They followed her EVERYWHERE she went.. If you are a little mentally "off", you could view this totally differnt than a normal person would..As you have seen lately, she has almost "embraced" them..A normal person would view them as a pain in the butt.."Leave me alone" attitude..She has been known to go off on them but then always apologizes to them..She even was dating one..

She has been surrounding herself with people in her life that cause her harm, another symptom of someone who needs help..I have read some REALLY disturbing info about her so called "manager and friend ", Sam Lufti(with friends like him..She doesnt need any enemies!)..Seems he has had several restraining orders against him from people that he has tried to control and when they called him on it, he went psycho on them..Seems that people like him tend to feed on people that they appear as "weak" and they think they can control..This past week he was seen with Britney and her mom out buying a Mercedes(which is a symptom of the manic side of bipolar-making big purchases or going on shopping sprees)..This is THE LAST thing someone with bipolar disorder needs to be doing..If he was truly a friend, he would have her in treatment , instead of allowing her to do that..Her mother was trying to get her to seek help but with Sam Lufti by her side, she could do anything..Also, Mr. Lufti was making huge claims that he ran Britney's life 99% of the time..MAJOR control issues..He has also stated that he has papers signed from Britney stating that he has total control over her, including whether or not she should be "committed"..

He stated that her mother and father were just jealous of their friendship..And of the fact that he could control her..NOW THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE IN TREATMENT! He is unstable..But like's attract "likes"..Unstable people usually seek people that will feed into this frenzy..He sounds like that controlling boyfriend some girls have that when the girls tries to break free, he tries to tell her that it is "them against the world" and that everyone else is just jealous of their relationship..They do that to try to control the girl..This is what Mr. Lufti is doing to Britney..She isnt mentally stable enough to push him away and tell him NO.. I am quite certain that this man is the main reason she is in a downward spiral to hell..

It just makes me SICK when I see people feeding on people that are mentally unstable..Britney has been showing symptoms of this for about 2 years..I thought she was getting it all back together when she divorced her husband..But, if you think about the whole "delusions of grandeur" thing, him divorcing her was probably a HUGE blow to her over inflated ego( one that was due to bipolar disorder)..When that happened, she felt rejected and then turned to anyone who would inflate her ego to where she felt it should be, whether or not it was right..This is where bottom feeders like Lufti come in..She surrounded herself with losers and they all fed off her..Add in the paparrazzi craziness and how every move she makes is being photographed, how she is on every magazine and show ( and some blogs too!) you can imagine how someone with a eschewed way of thinking would view themselves as "overly important"..

This whole saga is so sad..I really do feel badly for her..I pray that she gets the help she deserves and gets better..I am scared she will end up just a memory..Id rather remember her as that cute little girl on the "Mickey Mouse Club"..