Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wandering minds NEED to know..

As I am sitting here listening to Chris Daughtry's version of my MOST favorite Bon Jovi song, "Wanted Dead or Alive" (its on my playlist to the right, BTW) my mind wanders to what life was like 2 years ago, when Chris was on Amercian Idol..Yes, Chris, my sister and I have both decided that he is like FAMILY to us now.. We have been HUGE fans since he sashayed those AWESOME vocal cords on American Idol.. I have said this before, I am from Alabama and I didnt want Taylor Hicks to win that year.. I wanted CHRIS to.. I felt like I had somehow been a part of Chris being voted off because God knows, I was burning up the phone lines for Taylor, because us Alabama folks got each others backs! :)

My sister was totally distraught that night.. I called her and she was PISSED.. Sorry for such strong language, but thats EXACTLY what she was.. In a half laughing/half psycho sound she said " That Pageant (Explicative DELETED) got to stay! " HAHA We laughed about it at the time but I did tear up and even cry a little when he was voted off..My seecond fav was Elliott and dammit if he wasnt voted off the next week ( i have 2 of his songs on my list too)..

This is where my mind stopped wandering.. I realized that the other day that I have finally found my replacement for Chris is now David Cook.. That guy is WOW.. Thats all I can say.. He is a music genius! I am going to try to get a video of his performance the other night on here.. We have already watched it about 25 times on our DVR.. Just his performance.. He and Carly and Michael Johns are now the only reasons I watch American Idol.. Poor little David Archuletta has lost his flair.. I guess thats what happens when you have a stage dad from hell.. He needs to tell dad that he is almost an adult and he can make his own song decisions!! Good Lawd what was he singing the other night? Sheesh!

I called my sister the other night , after David's ( yes, now hes family to me) performance and she answered the phone saying "OMG wasnt he amazing!" I couldnt have agreed MORE! I still listen to Chris.. If he comes to BHAM again, Ill be there ( since I didnt get to go the LAST TIME).. I bought his CD..I downloaded all his stuff off the internet ( can I say that? Well if I cant, I really didnt.. That was Jimbo.. Not me. HAHA).. But I have found a new American Idol Idol- David Cook!


Leigh said...

OK, I am so goin gto send you pics I took of him (chris). LOve him too and yes voted for both he and Taylor.

Michelle said...

I wasnt ALLOWED to vote for anyone else BUT Taylor, according to Steve.. haha.. Hes talented, dont get me wrong, and I am glad he won.. He just doesnt do my genre of music.. I still love watching him, though.. But now, CHRIS.. thats another whole story.. :)

Dullbert said...

no idol comments just a compliment on your new background color. That old red was like staring into the sun for me.

Michelle said...

I am glad that I stopped the eye burning! I didnt even realize how bad it was until I accidentally messed up the background the other day while messing with the colors and fonts..