Thursday, March 20, 2008


I finally got Tyler playing bass to "I Was Made For Loving You" by Kiss! The video is EXTREMELY grainy so my advice is DONT WATCH IT..Just LISTEN.. haha.. I took this with a Nikon CoolPics camera, not a video camera..The second video was taken sideways, I was trying to get a different view and I didnt realize it would tape that way..I was thinking I could crop the video like we do with pictures.. Oh well! Hey! Cut me some slack! Im NEW at this! :D The second video is right before the chorus of the song and Tyler does this cool move with the bass..He looks like hes been doing this for a long time.. HAHA gotta love YouTube and their tutorials! He has learned alot.. Anyway, this is how we spent OUR Spring Break!


Leigh said...

"I was made for loving you baby and you were made for loving me..." Oh that got me to dancing.
Good for Tyler! That rawks!

HEWY said...


ABBEY said...

Does that every bring back some GREAT memories!!!! GO TYLER!!!