Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gene Simmons is put on NOTICE..

Just to let Gene Simmons know.. Tyler Millsap has learned the bass line to "I Was Made For Loving You".. And he played it pretty darn good.. I will get a video of him playing it to the song ASAP.. Baseball is putting quite a damper in his bass playing time.. :) But I just thought Id let Gene know that his competition is improving.. :) Whit has almost mastered "Drops Of Jupiter" by Train and it also sounds pretty darn good..Now, if I could ever get them to concentrate on their school work this much...:D


Dullbert said...

From what I saw in one of your earlier videos Tyler will be better than Gene Simmons by the end of this month !

Leigh said...

Thta's great Michelle. Again, ya'll could be the next Partridge Family or Osmonds! LOL! We need to secure a bus. Such talent in your fam!

Michelle said...

Dulbert- Thanks for the compliment.. It is a sad day in America when Gene Simmons is considered a ROLE MODEL.. lol Tyler says he loves his show.. SKEERRYYYYYYY!

Leigh-You are so sweet! We need to have OUR girls band.. Premenopausal MAMAS :) Or maybe just Menopausal Mamas lol

Abbey Road -- said...

Don't forget about me when you get ready to start rehearsals!!!