Monday, March 10, 2008

Oprah's "Big Give" show...

Ok.. I gotta comment on this show.. I think it is a great idea.. Oprah really knows how to give back..I even like the people ( well most of them) on the show..Most of them show major enthusiasm about wanting to make a difference in peoples lives and help people that really might need a little something extra..But last night I REALLY got irritated about one guy on the show who REALLY seemed to have absolutely NO CLUE about the gift of giving to someone..

The whole idea behind the show is certain people are chosen to go through "challenges" given by Oprah..The last challenge consisted of the players were in Colorado and given $4800 and given 48 hours to use it wisely and make a difference in someones life..I know what I would have done.. I would have probably tried to find someone who REALLY needed some help.. Maybe a family in a financial crisis that needed help..I would have probably tried to network and get someone to help raise money and so forth to make the $4800 grow, as well..In this day, $4800 doesnt go very far.. It can help ALOT.. But it doesnt do any MAJOR damage.. This is why this show is so cool.. People use their resources to try to get MORE people involved to help..

One of the contestants REALLY brought tears to my eyes.. She chose a group of HIV infected women to "pamper" for a day.. She didnt raise any extra money.. She just took these women to a spa and treated them all day long..Then took them to an elegant dinner after..The look on these women's faces was amazing..They looked so appreciative and felt BEAUTIFUL..One woman remarked that for the first time, in a long time, she felt like a woman and not like someone with HIV..She cried, I cried..It was such a wonderful idea..This girl got kudos from the judges..

Another woman in a wheelchair, who is also a contestant, found a man by accident..She felt it was fate..Turns out this guy has a special needs daughter who really needed treatment and they couldnt afford it and he also had a son who needed to go to college but couldnt afford it..She of course, hooked them all up, and got some extra money from donations.. She did a great job and LOVED the family..Later in the show, Oprah threw in a twist.. The participants were driving a brand new Ford Edge and they had to find someone to give it to. This lady had a specially made one , for someone in a wheelchair that was a paraplegic. She went to a rehabilitation center and gave it to a man who would have never gotten one, otherwise..She said that driving gives someone in their position independance.. Once again, she cried, I cried.. She got an ATTABOY from the judges too..

There was a military guy in the mix who decided that since he was military, hed find a guy that was military also , and help his family out..He ended up going way out in the "country" part of Colorado and found a man with 3 kids and a wife, who had been injured and was no longer recieving compensation from his injuries.. He was about to lose his house and still needed to feed his family..This guy went to Applebees and tried to drum up some "help" and they had a "benefit" type night where all the proceeds that were made would go DIRECTLY to the family.. Nice idea.. So, at the presentation, the guy gives the family $4600 in cash ( Im still wondering where the other $200 of that $4800 went......hmmm..) and then the manager made an announcement that all proceeds from the night would go to the family..I also think that the family was allowed some free meals maybe? I cant remember that..But I do know he gave him money and COUNTED it out to EVERYONE there as he put each $100 bill in his hand..I found that very tacky and rather demeaning..To me it was like him saying " Look everyone, watch and see how much money this loser is getting from Oprahs Big Give!" He even had the crowd COUNT as he handed it to him.. VERY GAUCHE..

Then came time for him to give the Ford Edge away..You would think that was a given.. You give it to the man whos about to lose his house.. Who knows, if he HAD to, he could sell his other car and drive that one.. Maybe he could sell that car, if needed, to help his situation..The Ford Edge retails between $25,000 and $32,000. That could do some HUGE damage to debt and could basically cover a salary for a year or so, if needed, until he found a good job.. This is where I about choked..The dude gives the car TO THE MANAGER AT APPLEBEES for doing this "huge" deed..Im sorry but WHAT THE HELL? What was this guy THINKING? Come on!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!! I was enraged.. I looked at my hubby and said " Are you kidding me?" Does this guy have any idea what managers at Applebees make? Usually pretty decent salaries..I know a guy that was a manager at O'Charleys and he made over $90,000 a year.. I really dont think this manager guy was hurting for money.. So the guy gave the guy that NEEDED help $4600 in cash and then possibly $2000-$4,000 in cash from the proceeds..Ok.. Lets do the math here..Ok.. POSSIBLY maybe up to $8600 in money...That could help him a good bit, thats for sure.. Im sure he was thankful, nonetheless.. But then he gives the manager a $25,000+ car? I cant beleive that manager took it! Im sorry, but IMO, it made them look REALLY BAD.. JMO.. Not sure if I would eat there again, if I lived in that city!


Deedra said...

I watched that show too last night for the first time. I was really touched by it. It made me want to go out and help people like they did.

Ive been missing you in spinning class!

Dullbert said...

That guy was an idiot thats like me traveling on the company expense account and slipping the maƮtre d' 100 bucks for a good table and then leaving the server a 5 dollar tip. I'd be surprised if behind the scenes someone from the show doesn't show up and say sorry about out slimeball contestant and make it right with that guy.

Michelle said...

Deedra! I have missed you too! I couldnt go today because I had to take Tyler to the dermatologist...I will be there Wednesday!!!

Dulbert! I hope that someone made good on it.. To be honest..The manager dude looked embarrassed..He was like "woohoo I got a car and didnt do crap"

Abbey Road -- said...

I haven't watched, but your rundown was primo! You kinda wonder if that idiot didn't cranked his brain when he got up that morning! Funny thing is, he'll go the rest of his life and never live it down. And the Applebee's Manager - why the heck didn't he turn around and give the car to the family - HELLO!!!

Leigh said...

I didnt see the show either. BUt like the movie, "Pay it Forward" the manager should've gone and donw something with the car to the benefit of someone who was truly in need. The basis for the show, if I am not mistaken. Well, it goes to say, when someone shows you who they truley are, beleive them. I think this guy comes off as the horses a#^ he really is.

ABBEY said...

Where you been? You are sorely missed ... I hope this means that you are making big moula on the store! Just thinking about cha!